Meet Nivio: a unique competitor for Onlive Desktop

nivio desktop windows
by 2 years ago

Although OnLive is most often the first company that pops out when I think of cloud games and software, that doesn’t mean that its dominance in the cloud market is bound to last for eons. While a few weeks back we were reporting that Nvidia’s Kepler architecture will soon be powering up alternatives to OnLive’s cloud gaming solution, today I’m here to talk about nivio, an alternative to the controversial OnLive Desktop service. Basically, nivio allows you to access your Windows desktop, as well as apps and your personal data from any Android device, iPad, PC, or any other HTML…

Dropbox introduces video streaming feature for Android 4.0

by 2 years ago

A big point of consternation for consumers considering the HTC One X as their next smartphone was the lack of an expandable memory storage option. While some explained that the 23GB additional free Dropbox cloud storage more than made up for it, the use of microSD expansion is obviously preferred. Another disappointing factor about most cloud storage services currently available is that accessing some files such as videos required you to download the entire video first, which meant you needed the additional storage space anyway. With the latest update from Dropbox, there is finally some great news on that front, at…

Seven major alternatives to Google Drive

by 2 years ago

So, Google has opened up Google Drive to us. While some are welcoming it with open arms, other are taking a stand against what they perceive to be a blatant ripoff of Dropbox and similar services. Other people just don’t like the ‘privacy policy’ in the Google Terms Of Service, which must be agreed upon when you join. Whatever your own thoughts are on the matter, here are the best alternatives to Google Drive as a web storage service. Dropbox You knew it would be here. It’s safe to say that with the arrival of Google Drive, Dropbox is feeling threatened to say…

MegaCloud: Android app for mega-size cloud storage and multimedia streaming on the go

by 2 years ago

Gone are the days when a cloud used to be just something you’d gaze up at the sky to see, something that signaled a sunny day or heavy rain. Now, in the 21st century, the cloud has taken on a whole new meaning, and tech companies such as Google, Apple, Samsung, and LG, to name a few, have dished out their own offerings of cloud storage services to appease our growing need to have access to our files anywhere and anytime. Apps are also gaining just as much headway in the cloud storage department, with apps like ZeroPC Cloud Navigator,…

Google Drive app: Google Docs app with new twist and spin

by 2 years ago

Google Drive is the much-anticipated service that Google had always wanted to incorporate into its ever-popular Android OS. Since its release, many users have been thinking of integrating their files with the next-big-thing in cloud storage. Accessing your personal Google Drive storage couldn’t get any better, thanks to the Google Drive application, tailor-made to help users manage their storage account. First of all, Google Drive for Android is not entirely new but rather, it’s the old Google Docs application under a different brand.  Not much has changed and Google Docs users will find the same interface. There is a twist,…