Amazon and Samsung Heat Up the Tablet Market

by 2 years ago

As Gingerbread continues to gain ground in the smart phone arena, the for-tablet iteration of the Android operating system called Honeycomb is making parallel progress in the tablet computer market as well. Vying for the lead are two devices that come from two different entities with very different positions. On the one hand is the Kindle Fire from Amazon and on the other is the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus from Android stalwart Samsung. You wouldn’t know the Kindle Fire is an Android powered tablet from the look of the user interface. There have been some reports that Amazon actually went…

Cisco announces Android tablet called the Cius

by 4 years ago

Over at the Cisco News Room, the business giants have announced a new tablet for their business users. This device will focus on a teleconferencing user-base, and the Android tablet offers a forward facing HD camera to adhere to these goals. (The) Cisco Cius is an ultra-portable device weighing just 1.15lbs (0.52kg) that extends the productivity benefits of Cisco collaboration applications to a highly secure mobile platform. In addition to full telepresence interoperability, Cisco Cius offers HD video streaming and real-time video, multi-party conferencing, email, messaging, browsing, and the ability to produce, edit and share content stored locally or centrally…

Cisco to release 7-inch Android tablet?

by 4 years ago

Electronista are running a story that suggests Cisco might release an Android based communication tablet designed to work specifically with the tradtional Cisco feature-set. Think secure communication like VPN and WebEx for meetings. The news comes from the most recent episode of CNET‘s Buzz Out Loud. Here is what Electronista had to say on the matter, Irish listener’s e-mail response about 37 minutes into the podcast claimed that Cisco is working on a 7-inch, Android-based tablet that would most likely be used for business communication. It would probably have hardware tailored to this with a front camera, dual microphones with…