Google I/O 2012 preview – what is Google going to unveil?

by 2 years ago

This year’s edition of Google’s annual developer conference takes place in San Francisco during June 27-29, a bit later than in previous years, when Google I/O was held at some point in May. Nevertheless, Google I/O 2012 is going to be quite interesting as we expect to see plenty of announcements during the keynotes. We think we have a pretty good idea of what to expect this week from Google’s event, and we’re about to share it with you. Google Nexus 7 We have exclusively confirmed a few weeks ago during Computex that Google’s first Nexus-branded tablet, and first Android tablet…

Offline Google Drive coming at Google I/O, ad-supported Chromebooks in the works

by 2 years ago

Google’s Senior Vice President of Chrome and Apps Sundar Pichai took the stage at D10 yesterday, the Wall Street Journal’s yearly “All Things D” conference, to talk about some of Google’s products he oversees, including the Chrome browser, Chrome OS, and Google Drive. During the interview with Walt Mossberg, Pichai praised Chrome, and its popularity, saying that the browser is now used by “hundreds of millions of active users.” Furthermore, he revealed that the Chrome browser has gained “substantial mindshare,” and that “roughly” a third of people using the browser, even more in the consumer business compared with the enterprise…

ChromeOS tablet not planned, Android and Chrome to converge in the future: Google VP

by 2 years ago

Google is expected to launch its first ever Nexus-branded tablet at its annual Google I/O developers conference this summer, but the search giant will not create a similar device running the company’s desktop operating system, Chrome OS. According to Linus Upson, Google’s Vice President of Engineering, the two ecosystems will coexist although they are expected to converge at some point in the future. While introducing the new Samsung Chrome OS machines, Upson told TechRadar: We are not working on a Chrome OS tablet. We have our hands full in delivering a wonderful experience on dektop and laptop and the Android…

Latest Chrome OS update makes Google’s web-centric OS look a lot like Windows

google chrome os
by 2 years ago

Google’s Chrome operating system is not exactly the company’s most popular product these days, but the search giant is working hard to change that. The latest developer version of Chrome OS is more than an ordinary maintenance update, heavily modifying the operating system to make it look more like a full fledged OS, like Windows or OS X, and less like a simple browser, as things were until now. Aura is the name of Chrome’s new user interface framework and, aside from making the operating system look better, it also adds some significant features. You can now open an app through…

Android Authority Asks: What is your Favorite Android Browser?

Chrome Beta
by 2 years ago

Tonight we are asking, what is your favorite Android browser? Yesterday afternoon the long awaited release of the Google Chrome browser for Android finally released. But the sad thing is, it’s only compatible with ICS, so I have not been able to play around with it. Most people I know use Dolphin for its’ speed and ability to turn off flash when it’s not needed, because we know flash can slow down your device as well as eat up some precious battery. I actually still use the stock browser on my Droid Bionic, there isn’t a whole lot of stuff I use…

Adobe: Chrome for Android does not Support Flash

by 2 years ago

Earlier today, Google released the beta version of Chrome for Android which excited a lot of people. One of the things that attracted people to the browser is because it provides support for the internet’s modern standards. At the same time, it includes several features which are not found on the default browser of Android. Unfortunately, there is one feature that is not included on the mobile port—the integrated Flash runtime. Because this saddened a lot of people, Adobe issued an official statement which confirms this: Chrome for Android does not support Flash content. In addition to this, Adobe has…

Google Launches Chrome Beta For Android (Ice Cream Sandwich)

by 2 years ago

Back in 2008, Google released “Google Chrome” to the public. The web browser features speed, simplicity, security and now its own web market jam packed with games, apps, and extensions. Furthermore, Google Chrome has become so popular that in the past 3 years, it has sped past Safari and Firefox into second place in the web browser market share only second to the quickly failing Internet Explorer. Finally, in late 2010, Google distributed around 60,000 Cr-48′s (Chromebooks) that were run completely in Chrome OS (A modified Google Chrome). It was only a matter of time before Google Chrome reached the…

Nexus Prime May Come with Google Chrome as Stock Web Browser

by 2 years ago

A report by tech site ConceivablyTech mentions that Google Chrome is just about ready for Android. The first version of Chrome for Android is expected to come out any time this month, according to the site. Based on the Chromium opensource project, Google Chrome for Android will reportedly bring many of the features of Google Chrome’s desktop version into the Android version. Google is reportedly unifying Google Chrome and making it run across multiple platforms (including, but not limited to, Android, Chrome OS, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS). Google is not just unifying Chrome. Google is also said to be…

Google Drive Coming to Ice-Cream Sandwich?

by 2 years ago

Remember how we said that new HTC Sense 3.5 phones are getting an extra 3GB of free storage on Dropbox (5GB totally) so you can sync your files between computers and devices? Well you can forget all about that now, because it seems Google is finally releasing their long-rumored “Google Drive”. Google Drive was started back in 2007, but Google decided against making it a public product (and eventually killing it). Over the years, though, Google Docs became more and more like a place where people could hold other types of files besides documents, and Google has also been enabling…

8 Things Android Tablets Need To Get More Users

by 2 years ago

It’s no secret that Android tablets need a lot of catching up to get ahead of the game. I’m going to expand on a few points from this article and talk about where slates can do better to become better accepted by consumers. 1. Make them talk better with peripherals One thing that makes notebooks and netbooks a preferred choice by the regular consumer is that most of the stuff they already have–speakers, keyboards, external drives–already work with that device. With tablets, it’s a bit more tricky since you often need to buy additional cables and adapters like the one…