Acer C710-2605 Chromebook

If you felt that the Google Chrome OS-powered Acer C7 Chromebook was a little lacking in terms of specs, then perhaps you’d like to take a look at its follow-up: the Acer C710-2605 Chromebook. This model was quietly launched recently with much better specs than the vanilla C7.


Google is taking a page from the Apple and Microosft playbook. While the company’s strength lies in its search business and mobile operating system, it’s not exactly a hardware company, except for its partnerships (past and present) with HTC, Asus and LG for the production of Nexus devices, and of course its ownership of Motorola Mobility. Recent reports indicate, though, that Google may be planning to produce a device of its own — more specifically, a Chrome OS notebook.

Acer C7 Chromebook

While more 2012 Chromebooks are announced, finding them in stores is easier said than done. If you have your eyes set on the Acer C7, you’ll be happy to hear that the notebook is now available from more online retailers.