Buying phones from China part 2: tips and tricks

buying phones from China
by 1 year ago

Buying Android smartphones from China can be advantageous in terms of pricing, however the whole process is not as simple as just walking into your local cellphone shop. Here is a set of tips and tricks that can reduce the chances of disappointment and frustration.

Buying phones from China part 1: why bother?

buying phones from China
by 1 year ago

The advantage that Chinese wholesalers offer is that the big corporate expenses, the huge advertising budgets and the need to make 33% profit on each phone doesn’t exist. The result is access to Android smartphones much nearer to their production costs.

HTC One comes with removable cover, dual-SIM, and SD card slot… in China

by 1 year ago

The Chinese versions of the HTC One will differ from the models sold in the West, a leaked picture reveals. There’s no disputing that the aluminum unibody of the HTC One lend it excellent resistance to mechanical shocks (as illustrated in our recent HTC One drop test), but also a special look and feel that can’t be emulated through other designs. But the unibody approach has its own set of drawbacks, mainly the sealed battery, which cannot be replaced by the user, and the absence of a microSD card slot or of a secondary SIM slot. At least two of…