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Nokia N1 tablet up for pre-order in China for $260

January 7, 2015
The impressive Nokia N1 (built and sold by Foxconn) is now avalible for pre-order in China. It will retail for about $250 and hit stores 1/29.
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Motorola is headed back to China, bringing the new Moto X Pro

January 6, 2015
Motorola is finally returning to the Chinese market after their big acquisition by Lenovo. Along with the Moto X and LTE-capable Moto G, Motorola is bringing the Moto X Pro, which is basically a Nexus 6 without the logo.
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Xiaomi reveals Redmi 2: 64-bit, LTE, colorful designs for $110

January 4, 2015
Xiaomi has just announced the Redmi 2, a new mid-range device complete with an assortment of colors, LTE, a Snapdragon 410 (64-Bit) for just $112 (!)
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WSJ: Xiaomi worth more than $45 billion after most recent funding campaign

December 22, 2014
As Xiaomi's parent company finishes yet another whirlwind round of capital-creating campaigning, the Wall Street Journal has indicated it's valued at $45B.
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Xiaomi devices sales banned in India due to Ericsson patent spat

December 11, 2014
In the latest saga of patent warfare, the High Court of Delhi has awarded Ericsson injunction against Xiaomi in India.
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Vivo X5 Max: new world’s thinnest phone at just 4.75mm

December 10, 2014
The world's thinnest phone is now official: Vivo has formally unveiled its X5 Max, witch has some of the most impressive specs ever in such a small package.
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Chinese OEM’s devices account for almost 40% of global shipments in 2014

December 4, 2014
In a recent report, one Taiwnese firm has estimated that Chinese OEMs have shipped almost 40% of the world's smartphones in 2014, with more room to grow.
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OnePlus to open its first retail store in Beijing

November 27, 2014
OnePlus will be opening its first physical retail store, located in the Blue Harbor area of Beijing, to the public on December 20th.
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Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra talks Lollipop update plans, Android One, and expansion

November 26, 2014
Celebrating the release of Xiaomi's first 4G phone in India, the Redmi 4G, Hugo Barra was interviewed by The Next Web where he shared some interesting info regarding the Lollipop update plans and Android One,
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Galaxy A5 is on sale in China: $420 for mid-range metal

November 25, 2014
Samsung's first all-metal smartphone has just gone in sale in China, for $420. Featuring mid-range specs at best, a focus on form clearly comes at a price.
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