Raspberry Pi used to avoid Internet censorship in China

Raspberry Pi avoids chinese firewall
by 1 year ago

While we tend to think of VPN as file hosting for our work related needs, it’s a popular option for Chinese citizens to access the Internet we take for granted. The method for doing this via Raspberry Pi is relatively simple, and could catch on widely.

Sony C3 leaks out, probably headed to the Chinese market

Sony logo aa (1) - 600px
by 1 year ago

With recent leaked info regarding their “C3” phone, it seems as though Sony is on the right path. While no official specs are out, we’re hearing all manner of things suggesting the device will be an entry level Xperia device, and pretty good to boot.
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Lenovo K900 Finally Arriving to China on May 6th

by 1 year ago

Back at CES 2013 Lenovo unveiled the impressive Lenovo K900, an Intel Clover Trail-powered smartphone that packed plenty of power under the hood. Now its late April and the K900 finally has an official release date of May 6th.