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China’s Alibaba wants to take on Android, should Google be worried?

by: J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 10, 2012
China has the biggest mobile market today, with about 1 billion users. Since smartphones currently constitute a small minority of this industry, there is much room for growth. But with Google mostly absent from China, who will fill in the supposed void? Local e-commerce company Alibaba wants to eventually dominate the market with its own Aliyun OS.
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Samsung to release Galaxy Note 2 with dual-SIM support in China?

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 7, 2012
We’ve seen Samsung releasing many dual-SIM phones before, but the next one, if accurate, should take the cake as the most high-profile device to ship with one. It appears Samsung is readying a special version of the recently announced Galaxy Note 2 for the Chinese market.
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HTC unveils China-bound One SC, One SU and One ST phones

by: AdrianSeptember 7, 2012
We have three new HTC phones popping up out of thin air over in China, and, although they don’t look very special, they could be part of the company’s new rebound strategy and therefore on show come September 19.
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Sony Xperia TX and SL released in China for $680 and $610 respectively

by: AdrianSeptember 6, 2012
Both the Xperia TX and SL are up for grabs on Sony’s Chinese official online store, and they are both kind of pricey. The TX, also known in the past as the LT29i or the “Hayabusa”, is very similar to the “T” flagship unveiled in Berlin and expected to come to the US soon via AT&T.
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China Labor Watch accuses Samsung of more violations of worker’s rights

by: Simon HillSeptember 5, 2012
According to Chinese Labor Watch the working conditions at eight Samsung factories, six owned and operated by Samsung, and two suppliers, are inhumane and even illegal in some instances.
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The patent battles just got more ridiculous – Goophone looking to sue Apple in China

by: AdrianSeptember 4, 2012
You thought that the patent war between Apple and Android was ridiculous before? Wait ‘till you hear about the most recent impending trial! No, this time around it’s not Tim Cook’s company looking to draw blood from a competitor, but… Goophone looking to challenge Apple in a Chinese court.
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Samsung finishes audit of Chinese component manufacturer HEG, vows long-term solutions

by: J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 3, 2012
Samsung says it "audited all HEG employees including face-to-face ID checks, reviewed HR records, and conducted 1:1 interviews with student workers." The company reports having finished its audit of HEG, and found no underage workers. However, some health-related issues were found, and Samsung demanded that HEG immediately improve its worker conditions.
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China: Lenovo sold more smartphones than Apple in Q2 2012, Samsung still on top

by: Mike AndriciAugust 30, 2012
As far as the American and European markets are concerned, Lenovo might not be a considered a well-known smartphone manufacturer. But according to a recent study, the Chinese company was the second most successful smartphone manufacturer in its home country during the second quarter of 2012, with a market share of 11% of all Chinese smartphone sales in the second quarter. For Lenovo, this is most-welcome progress, as it only ranked seventh in Q1 2012 rankings.
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Take that, Apple! The iPhone 5 has an Android-based clone even before its launch

by: AdrianAugust 29, 2012
Although the next-generation iPhone hasn’t been officially released, unveiled or detailed by Apple, a Chinese company has already outed a so-called clone based on rumors of how the iPhone 5 might look.
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Samsung nabs title as China’s top Android smartphone, HTC and Motorola follow closely behind

by: Bams SadewoAugust 22, 2012
Continuing the theme of world domination, China is the next leg of the tour for Samsung. The latest data from research firm Umeng reveals that despite the presence of many local players, South Korea’s finest phone maker was able to retain its lead in China – a feat that it first achieved in Q3 2011.
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