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HTC One announced for China, comes with dual-SIM and microSD support

by: Brad WardApril 24, 2013
The HTC One has been announced for China, and is slightly different than its internation counterpart with microSD and dual-SIM support.
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HTC to hold Beijing press conference on April 24, One release could happen soon after

by: AdrianApril 11, 2013
It’s no longer a secret that HTC had to delay the initially planned One release because of component shortages, but thankfully it seems the Taiwanese have finally managed to iron out all the kinks and get the phone ready to fulfill its destiny.
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HTC One comes with removable cover, dual-SIM, and SD card slot… in China

by: Bogdan PetrovanApril 3, 2013

The Chinese versions of the HTC One will differ from the models sold in the West, a leaked picture reveals.

There’s no disputing that the aluminum unibody of the HTC One lend it excellent resistance to mechanical shocks (as illustrated in our recent HTC One drop test), but also a special look and feel that can’t be emulated through other designs. But the unibody approach has its own set of drawbacks, mainly the sealed battery, which cannot be replaced by the user, and the absence of a microSD card slot or of a secondary SIM slot.

At least two of these inconveniences will apparently be absent from the Chinese versions of the HTC One. The device selling on China [...]

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Huawei Ascend D2 pricing starts at $607 in China through China Unicom

by: David GonzalesMarch 12, 2013
The Huawei Ascend D2 has been priced at two of China's biggest carriers; it starts at $607 for China Unicom.
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HTC Butterfly launching in China in mid-December for $760 contract-free

by: AdrianDecember 7, 2012
Although many frowned upon the launch of a new HTC flagship phone so close after the One X and One X+ releases, the Droid DNA (aka J Butterfly) might have just brought the Taiwanese a much needed breath of fresh air financial-wise.
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Android dominates in China with 90.1% market share

by: J. Angelo RacomaNovember 15, 2012
Android is on the rise in China. While the smartphone market in the country is currently under 20% of total mobile devices as of earlier this year, smartphones are certainly a fast-growing segment. In the third quarter of 2012, Android smartphones have accounted for 90.1% of the market, which includes smartphone sales and ownership.
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China Unicom working on UniPlus version of Android for its Uphone line

by: Michael OrylJuly 12, 2010

China Unicom's uPhone

Not to be outdone by its larger rival China Mobile and its Android-based OPhone smartphone OS, number 2 Chinese carrier China Unicom has shown that it is working on its own flavor of Android that is to be called UniPlus, with the products that feature the OS to be called Uphone.

According to a story posted by, the OS is set to be available in the third quarter of this year and products should show up running the OS in the fourth quarter of 2010.

China Unicom is also planning to open an Android app store for its Uphone devices that will be called UniStore.  More photos after the jump.

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China Unicom removed ‘Google’ from Android Phones

by: James TromansMarch 25, 2010

China Unicom

In light of what has developed recently in China with regards to Google, unfiltered search and the lack thereof, China Unicom has dropped Google as a search partner from its forthcoming Android based smartphones.

In the past days Google has defied the Chinese government somewhat, forwarding to Google Kong Kong as an ‘entirely legal’ way of bringing about unfiltered search results to Chinese residents. However, this whole series of events has not sat well with the Chinese government, and Unicom’s president Lu Yimin has said,

“We are willing to work with any company that abides by Chinese law…we don’t have [...]

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Google and China at war, two new phones may perish in the battle

by: Chuck ZichJanuary 20, 2010

Google announced, just one day before releasing two brand new Android devices to China, that both releases will be delayed indefinitely due to intensifying battle between Google and China’s censorship laws.  The devices, both set to launch with China Unicom included one Motorola device and one Samsung device.  Google is currently in a heated battle with China after a cyber attack was supposedly launched by China’s government against Google in an effort to try and gather information about key Chinese human rights advocates by accessing their Gmail accounts.  This problem has gotten so large that the United States government, led by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is [...]

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Three new Motorola Android devices are headed for China

by: Susan ElleryDecember 21, 2009

Those three mystery Android devices that kept appearing over the past few weeks have finally been given a name and a destination. The trio include the MT710, the XT701 and the XT800 and all three are slated for launch in China in early 2010. Each handset will land at a different carrier with the MT710 headed to China Mobile as part of its OPhone platform, the XT701 headed to China Unicom, and the XT800 headed to China Telecom. With their 3.7 inch, 854×480 touchscreen displays and 5MP cameras, these handsets are on the fast track to success. Hit the jump for the full specs and press photos.

[via AndroidandMe and Engadget]

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