Android dominates in China with 90.1% market share

by 1 year ago

Android is on the rise in China. While the smartphone market in the country is currently under 20% of total mobile devices as of earlier this year, smartphones are certainly a fast-growing segment. In the third quarter of 2012, Android smartphones have accounted for 90.1% of the market, which includes smartphone sales and ownership.

Baidu To Copy Android For Its New OS

by 2 years ago

Baidu, the Chinese counterpart of Google search, has announced of its plans to create its own OS for its consumers. Although it has already replaced Google apps and services on Android phones in China, the company is targeting a new OS that will follow the formatting and style of the Android OS.   Baidu said they will compete against Google Places with their own Maps, provide consumers with an ebook reader app that’s similar with the Apple’s iBooks, and its own music player. The company is also planning to add apps with a Chinese character input tool to cater their…

Three new Motorola Android devices are headed for China

by 4 years ago

Those three mystery Android devices that kept appearing over the past few weeks have finally been given a name and a destination. The trio include the MT710, the XT701 and the XT800 and all three are slated for launch in China in early 2010. Each handset will land at a different carrier with the MT710 headed to China Mobile as part of its OPhone platform, the XT701 headed to China Unicom, and the XT800 headed to China Telecom. With their 3.7 inch, 854×480 touchscreen displays and 5MP cameras, these handsets are on the fast track to success. Hit the jump…

Motorola MT710 to launch with China Mobile on December 28th

by 4 years ago

We saw the Motorola MT710 last month when detailed specifications on this Android OPhone-powered handset were revealed. The MT710 is chock full of features, including a 3.7 inch capacitive FWVGA touchscreen, a Marvell PXA310 624MHz processor, 3G connectivity via China’s new TD-SCDMA standard, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, WiFi, a 5MP camera with autofocus and dual LED flash, and CMMB mobile TV support. Looking very much like a keyboard-less DROID, the MT710 will run the OPhone OS 1.5 and is slated to launch with China Mobile on December 28th. Any of our Chinese readers out there going to be ringing in the New…

Dell Mini 3iX to lack Android Market?

by 4 years ago

The folks at Zumo Blog have recently obtained more information about Dell’s Mini 3iX Android device and, shockingly, Dell is planning to omit the Android Market from the phone.  Instead, Director of retail for Dell Latin America, Scott Schillington, has confirmed that they are opting to allow for direct downloads from developers and integration of their own version of an application store.  The 3iX will be sold in Brazil before it launches in the U.S. so we should get to see the consumer reaction to Dell’s decision before U.S. customers take the plunge. This phone  passed the FCC about a…

LG announces the GW880 OPhone for China Mobile

by 4 years ago

Rumored to be launching in Q4 with China Mobile, LG’s second Android offering, the GW880 OPhone, has been officially announced. This full touch mobile phone features a 3.5 inch WVGA display that can fit 24 shortcuts and widgets on a single homescreen, TD-SCDMA for 3G connectivity, a CMMB mobile TV tuner, a 5 megapixel camera, GPS, Bluetooth and access to an app store with titles cherry-picked by China Mobile fill out he specs. With the formal introduction now out of the way, details on the pricing and launch date should be forthcoming soon. Larger image after the jump.

Dell mini 3i specifications

by 4 years ago

Thanks to PConline, we saw an unboxing of the to-be-released Dell Mini 3i. Now set for China Mobile ‘later this month’, all we were left wondering is the exact specification sheet and price of this device. Well half of our curiosities are now answered. I’m still wondering how anything can be released later this month when it is the 25th already. The Dell mini 3i will sport either a Red Passion or Oiled Bronze finish. Although we’re not sure of the price yet, the tablet device shall offer a stylus and measure in at 58.35 x 122 x 11.7cm. A…

Motorola MT710 to run OMS platform in China

by 4 years ago

Out in China, Android is getting ripped apart and resealed with special Asian ingredients that when combined create the OPhone OMS platform; an Android based customized mobile OS with a UI similar to the iPhone. Who would have thought that Dell and now Motorola are hopping on the bang-wagon? Say hello to the Motorola MT710 OPhone, as advertised on China Mobile. Although second in line to Lenovo to use the OS, this device certainly looks nice. Sporting a 3.7-inch WVGA (845x480px) touchscreen that may be capable of offering multi-touch support, we think it will grab quite a lot of attention….

LG GW880 with China Mobile’s OPhone OS

by 4 years ago

The LG GW880 smartphone is due for release on China Mobile very soon, and is packing the OPhone OS. China Mobile’s OPhone OS offers the company’s mobile software store, called Mobile Market, and is based on Android, but looks fairly similar to the iPhone’s operating system. The good news for developers is that the software development kit for the OPhone is also compatible with the Android SDK and furthermore, applications developed for Android will work just fine on the OPhone platform with the same API. Looking at the technical side of things, the LG GW880 will support China’s 3G network,…