Nexus 7

If someone had told us a year and a half ago that 7-inch tablets would challenge 10-inchers’ popularity, we would have had no trouble in calling that someone out of his frigging mind. However, the unexpected has happened, and, mostly due to Amazon and Google’s fine efforts, 7-inchers are starting to feel more like the norm than the exception.

Gardner GoTab

Don’t care that much about performance and need an even cheaper Android-based tablet than the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire? No problem, because Gardner’s upcoming GoTab will cost less than $100. In fact, it will be available in the UK for £59, which would translate into $96, but if it were to ever come in the US, our guess is that it wouldn’t cost more than $60 or $70.


SmartQ has released Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware updates for all of its current tablets. The company has a full range of tablets starting with the smaller seven inch S7 and K7 models and finishing with the 10.1 inch T30. In between, there is an eight inch model and a couple of 9.7 inch models.


The EXP8 is marketed as a “value tablet”, but, at $179.99 it’s starting to look not that cheap, considering the direction the market is heading. Still, this is a 9.7-inch tab, and not a 7-incher like the Google Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fires; if you want the extra screen real estate, you naturally have to pay more.