HTC Desire X launched as a budget 4-incher with ICS and dual-core S4 chip

by 1 year ago

The first gadget to be unveiled by HTC at the IFA is a far from impressive budget-friendly phone which might get lost in the crowd if it won’t be priced correctly. The Desire X has been leaked for a while, has starred in a bunch of unofficial photos and has had an almost complete spec sheet since a couple of days ago. Here are press photos and confirmed specs.

MetroPCS launches budget-friendly Coolpad Quattro 4G for just $99 with no contract

Coolpad Quattro
by 1 year ago

MetroPCS is not exactly known for offering a very wide range of smartphones, but we’ve heard a couple of rumors for the past month or so that the number six US carrier was looking to really strengthen its gadget line-up. The mid-range Galaxy S Lightray 4G and LG Motion 4G have already been released, and now the entry-level Coolpad Quattro 4G has itself been put up for sale.

Micromax unveils Superfone Canvas A100 “phablet” and Pixel A90 4.3-incher

by 1 year ago

What if an Indian technology firm would launch the perfect gadget, with an excellent balance between reliability, snappy hardware and affordable pricing, and you would simply ignore it because of your stubbornness? That’s exactly what you should ask yourselves when looking at Micromax’s freshly unveiled two gadgets, both of which look pretty great in theory.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos outed in the UK, starts at around $300

by 1 year ago

The market for affordable entry-level phones with dual-SIM capabilities might not seem too promising in the US, but in Europe and Asia, there is quite the competition over the niche. And where there’s competition, Samsung absolutely has to play an important part in it. The Galaxy Ace Duos is Sammy’s latest dual SIM low-ender, but, surprisingly, it hasn’t kicked it off to the best of starts. Unveiled back in May, the cheapo 3.5-incher has only been made available in India until now. Starting today, however, the Ace Duos has managed to break outside of India, making in into the UK. Mobi-City…

BLU Products launches VIVO 4.3, “world’s first” dual-SIM device with Super AMOLED Plus display

blu products vivo 4.3
by 1 year ago

The name BLU Products might not tell you much, but worry not, I doubt that the name tells much to anyone. Just digging up some basic information about the BLU Products, the self-dubbed “leader of the Latin America market with vision to expand worldwide”, proves difficult. According to their Facebook page, BLU Products was founded in 2009 by two Latin American entrepreneurs, and is currently based in Miami, Florida. But besides that, the company reveals surprisingly little about itself. It seems that there is some sort of connection between BLU and the Plum Might, an under-$200 Galaxy Note clone that…

Best cheap Android smartphones of 2012

android smartphone shopping
by 1 year ago

Back a few months ago, I wrote an article explaining the top reasons why you shouldn’t buy a cheap smartphone. While I still hold true to the principle that you should always go for the highest-end smartphone you can afford, the actual reality is that many people simply can’t even afford to buy a mid-end smartphone (catch a list of the top mid-end smartphones of 2012 here), not to mention a top-end Android smartphone. And then, there’s the category of people that simply don’t want and need the ultimate best in Android smartphones. In these situations, the only remaining choice…