Cygnett cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 review [video]

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by 1 year ago

In the last year, Samsung has established itself as the most popular Android device manufacturer in the world. Aided by the release of the Galaxy S3, the Korean company posted record-breaking shipments and sales in this year’s second quarter. Of course, with the $700+ (and $1100+ for the 64GB version) price tag, consumers are more than willing to spend a little extra to protect their “investment.” Hoping to capitalize on the amazing success of Samsung’s latest flagship device, a lot of companies have released protective covers, cases, and other accessories for the device. Unfortunately, with the multitude of options available,…

Nexus 7 Cases or Sleeves; Kroo Neoprene Sleeve Review

by 2 years ago

Now that you spent $200 or more on the latest and greatest tech gadget, the Nexus 7, you’ll want to protect your investment. Sure, you can always say you’re going to be extremely careful, but accidents do happen. With the versatility and portability of this tablet, you’re going to be using it more often and taking it places you previously hadn’t even thought of yet. So do you go with a case or do you go with a sleeve? This is all about personal preference. If you’re on the fence, here’s how I made my decision. Manufacturers strive to make…

Samsung Galaxy S3 Soft Case Review Roundup #1 [video]

Samsung S3 Soft Cases
by 2 years ago

What started purely as a way to protect your smartphone from scratches and dents, has developed into a whole other entity by itself. You can now get numerous protective case options for most devices, each suited for different individual needs. With OEMs spending a lot of time and effort into creating beautifully designed devices, covering them up is not ideal. As such, there’s a huge demand for not only protective, but also aesthetically-pleasing smartphone cases that complement the device design. Today, we bring to you a Samsung Galaxy S3 soft case extravaganza. Making the shortlist are 7 beautifully crafted cases…

Samsung Galaxy S3 Hard Case Review Roundup #1 [video]

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by 2 years ago

Scratches, dents, and in extreme cases, cracked screens, on a handheld device is never a good thing, regardless of how expensive the device is. But, when you shell out over $700 for the latest high-end smartphone, you’ll do anything to make sure it stays in pristine condition. Unfortunately, accidents do occur, sometimes more often than you’d like. It’s because of this scenario that protective cases and covers came into the picture. Following a report that mentioned a device insurer might not have replacement devices for the Samsung Galaxy S3, there is even more reason to take extra care of Samsung’s latest flagship device….

HTC unveils new cover designs for the flagship One X

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by 2 years ago

There are many reasons for buying a cover or case for your mobile device, ranging from added protection to just being aesthetically pleasing. After all, if you have to shell out over $500 for the latest high-end device, even minor scratches can be incredibly annoying. Even if OEMs claim increased durability, it’s always better to be safe, rather than sorry. At an event hosted in Seattle, HTC unveiled a new cover design for its flagship device, the HTC One X. While there will eventually be two designs for users to choose from, only one design (seen above) was showcased at…

Ballistic Case Review – Samsung Epic 4G Touch Edition

by 2 years ago

When you own a nice and expensive gadget like the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch, you definitely want to protect it with a heavy duty case designed to survive what life might throw at it, right? Let’s be honest – even if you’re the most careful person on the planet when it comes to your device – accidents still do happen, and that’s where Ballistic’s case comes into play. The case is design to do exactly that – survive life. The case has two pieces: one rubber body piece, and another hard plastic cover. The case isn’t designed to be pretty,…

Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery DOES Fit In Otterbox Cases (Video)

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by 2 years ago

When it comes to cases, Otterbox does a very nice job of keeping your phone safe. In fact, if you’re a Galaxy Nexus user, Otterbox has created 2 cases just for you. The Defender and Commuter cases are $49.95 and $39.95 respectively. Both cases have two layers of protection, and the Defender series case comes with a belt clip and doubles as a stand. As you can probably tell by the name, the Defender case protects more than the Commuter case. However, the Commuter case will be thinner and sleeker and fits into your pocket more easily. A lot of…