InFoto: Quick and easy infographic about your shutterbug habits

by 2 years ago

Not all users are familiar with their phone’s hardware and specifications. Most of the time, users don’t bother to check them out or even take notice of the many things that their device can do. For tech junkies and hardware enthusiasts, however, knowing what your device is capable of and how you’re using your device is important. That’s where benchmarking comes in. The Google Play Store is chock full of benchmarking applications that each serve a specific purpose. For those of you who really care about getting hardcore information, here’s an app that is designed to get information about your…

“α” CLOCK for Mobile: Time-lapse photography app for experiencing Sony’s Time-Shift UI

by 2 years ago

Sony has a brand-new surprise that’ll give Android users plenty of visually enticing photos to drool over. It seems that the Japanese manufacturer has ventured into what seems to be a photo gallery application but turns out to be more than just that. Officially known as “α” CLOCK for Mobile, this application lets users experience Sony’s new Time-Shift UI on their Android device. The app will present to you various photos of famous landmark destinations, most of which come from the UNESCO World Heritage sites, taken with high resolution cameras that use “α” Interchangeable lenses. Each location holds numerous photos…

Superfine Galaxy S3 mod upgrades camera, boosts video recording to 30 Mbps

Galaxy S3
by 2 years ago

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is impressive in many areas, but the phone’s camera isn’t exactly regarded as groundbreaking. Then again, we’ve seen the shooter performing pretty much at the same level as the ones featured by Apple’s iPhone 4S or HTC’s One X, so we personally don’t have many complaints about it. If, however, you want to take the 8-megapixel’s video recording to new heights, we have some very good news for you. HyperX, an independent custom ROM developer who’s been handling several cool, functional mods in the past, has come up with an S3 software tweak that takes the phone’s camera…

Photo Studio: Editing your photos as if they were done by a pro in a studio

by 2 years ago

Newer phones often mean better specs, and one of the things that people certainly look forward to are the cameras that phones are equipped with. Some phones are equipped with cameras that beat actual digital cameras, so more and more shutterbugs have started leaving their clunky tools at home and just indulging their shutter-happy finger with their Android devices. The best camera, after all, is the one with us. Sometimes, when all the right things fall into place, we get the perfect shot and you can proudly show it off to the world without even editing it. And then there…

Best HDR camera apps for Android

by 2 years ago

Most Android smartphones these days feature a 5- to 12-megapixel camera, bundled into one neat package with advanced camera features. Compared to Apple’s iPhone, Android is opensource and allows users to tweak the basic camera settings to satisfy any user. See Also: Best camera apps for Android When it comes to HDR-quality photos, the secret lies in the software itself because it is the one responsible for making your shots crystal clear with HD characteristics. As we explore the Google Play Store, we’ve managed to stumble upon loads of apps that cater primarily to enhancing images. Here are some of…

Smartphones with 16MP cameras? Do you need it?

by 2 years ago

Photo courtesy of OmniVision Eight megapixels seems to be the norm at the top end of the smartphone market (for example in the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S) with the occasional phone using 12MP (Sony Xperia S) and one or two with 16MP (HTC Titan II). But now that could all change as a company called OmniVision Technologies, who make camera sensors for phones, tablets (like the Asus Transformer Prime) and video equipment, has released a new 16MP chip. The OV16825 (don’t you just love part numbers?) is capable of full resolution 16-megapixel burst photography and can record 30 frames per second video at 4608 x 3456….

First camera test shots of US versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3

by 2 years ago

We all know how competitive the network carrier market is in the US. Apart from network coverage (including LTE availability now) and pricing, another major factor for US subscribers in choosing carriers is device options. For example, the iPhone was released exclusively locked to the AT&T network, leading to T-Mobile losing big in the race for network dominance, almost reaching the point of being bought out by AT&T. Even if a device is available on multiple networks, carriers still attempt some form of differentiation, and in some extreme cases, as seen with the HTC One X (for AT&T) and the…

HTC One X and iPhone 4S pitted against each other in camera face off

by 2 years ago

The One X is HTC’s new flagship and, even though it hasn’t yet been made available in the United States and most other important markets, is one of the hottest Android handsets around. With a Tegra 3 quad-core processor under the hood, a very thin body, and a sophisticated and stylish look, the One X is certainly one of Android’s biggest  hopes in the everlasting battle against the iPhone. But aside from the awesome performance and cool looks, the guys at HTC are also confident that they’ll make a difference with the rear-facing camera on the One X, a camera that…

Pix: Pixel Mixer for mixing and matching effects on your photos

by 2 years ago

If you talk about photo-editing applications for Android, there are already so many of these on the market, ranging from the most complicated and the most sophisticated down to the simplest and the easiest to use.  Adding to the already long list of photo-editing apps is Pix: Pixel Mixer, which features a simple and effect-packed photo editing interface. While other photo-editing apps can beat Pix: Pixel Mixer in terms of sophistication, in terms of simplicity and quality, there’s no doubt that this app can deliver to you finely edited photos. Most photo editing apps are designed to be used by…

How good is the PureView 808, Nokia’s 41MP camera phone?

nokia pureview 808
by 2 years ago

If there’s ever been a nit to pick with most smartphones, it was usually related with the phone’s camera. In this area, Nokia (regardless of its dwindling market share) has been far ahead of the competition, with the 12MP Carl Zeiss-lensed camera on the Nokia N8 blowing the competition out of the water. Now, the Finnish company managed to raise the bar even higher with the introduction of the Nokia PureView 808 phone, that features an unheard-of 41MP camera! About the Nokia Pureview 808 The Nokia PureView 808 was introduced at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona….