American Airlines To Provide A Galaxy Tab For In-Flight Entertainment

by 3 years ago

If you’ve been hankering to try out Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1, there’s a simple way to do so. American Airlines gas just announced that they will be offering the Galaxy Tab as part of the airlines’ premium class in-flight entertainment. Although other airlines have already added tablets to their repertoire of offerings for travelers, this is the first time that a branded tablet has been offered. American Airlines’s plan is to have 6,000 of the new Galaxy Tabs available of select flights later this year. It is already slated to be part of premium cabins on transcontinental flights between…

How To Use Your Android Phone For Business

by 3 years ago

While Android is indeed becoming more and more popular by the minute, it still isn’t the platform businesses rely on for their mobile needs. BlackBerry, because of their robust security services, remains the top dog in this arena. Google is slowly but surely changing that though, and it’s been busy baking in a lot of enterprise-friendly features in recent updates. If you want Android to serve both your personal and business needs, it’s time you visit your IT manager (and do some gentle arm-twisting) to make them see the light. Here are a few tips to make your Android a…

Business analysts talk Motorola with Android

by 5 years ago

Motorola have been quite quiet recently regarding their upcoming Android devices. Sure, we’ve heard a thing or two here and there, but nothing huge. So what are the business analysts saying about Motorola’s chances now that they’ve taken Android up as their OS of choice for their upcoming bunch of mobile phones? The short answer is ‘success’, but not like RAZR, arguably one of the most popular phones among consumers a few years back that literally set design trends at the time. No, this time analysts believe that most of the upcoming Android devices by Motorola will be low to…