Motorola Defy Pro is the first ruggedized Android phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard

by 2 years ago

Two of the more niche markets for Motorola over the past couple of years, have been the ruggedized smartphone market and the physical keyboard market. Motorola was the first to make a ruggedized Android smartphone (Motorola Defy) that still looked pretty much like any regular Android phone, rather than look like a brick. In the same time the Motorola Defy and its successor, the Motorola Defy+, still managed to be built like tanks and obtain all the necessary IP67 certification for being water resistant and dust proof. In a time when HTC is giving up on making physical keyboards, and…

Brazilian carriers forced to stop selling subsidised smartphones

by 2 years ago

As you guys may know, it is very profitable for carriers to subsidize the price of smartphones, as long customers agree to sign a contract with said carrier (be it one year or two years in length). The initial discount is recuperated by the carrier before the end of the contract, and then some. But customers rarely complain about this arrangement, given that unlocked smartphones are for most way too expensive to be paid for up front. This is especially true in emerging markets. In an unexpected turn of events, according to Brazil’s Federal Public Ministry, all mobile carriers operating…

HTC to stop all phones sales in Brazil

by 2 years ago

Brazil is soon going to become the 4th largest country of smartphone buying customers, by replacing UK from their current 6th position. So it seems very unfortunate for HTC to have to cancel their planned One series launch for the country, but even more importantly to leave the country altogether. They had 27 million smartphone owners; 9 million smartphones were sold last year alone. When called for confirmation by AndroidPIT, a HTC executive from Brazil had this to say: “after analyzing the sales numbers, we have decided to pull out of the Brazilian market.” It seems HTC couldn’t even get 1%…