Sony refusing to fix phones with unlocked bootloaders

by 2 years ago

Smartphone manufacturers have been known to lock the bootloaders of their devices, ostensibly because of security concerns. This is an ongoing battle between the large Android development community and device manufacturers, with the former obviously hoping to take full advantage of the open-source nature of Android. The search is still on to find the perfect way to provide complete user access while keeping the device secure. Some manufacturers, like HTC, provide an “official” bootloader unlock process for certain devices (which unfortunately does not include the One series of devices yet). Sony has also done the same, with a bootloader unlock option…

Verizon Galaxy S3 locked bootlocker to be fixed by software update “soon”

by 2 years ago

It’s no secret anymore that the Verizon Galaxy S3 version, although otherwise similar to other U.S. Galaxy S3 variants, comes with a locked bootloader. While there are ways around it, and while Samsung did announce that it will launch a Galaxy S3 Developer Edition version that will come with an unlocked bootloader – but which will cost users the full $599 price – it looks like devs that have already purchased a subsidized Verizon unit have reasons to be happy today. Droid-Life reports that both Verizon and Samsung customer care departments say that a software update, that’s coming at some point…

Mac-based bootloader unlock script for AT&T and Rogers One X now available

by 2 years ago

If HTC’s One X is your high-end smartphone of choice these days, but you’re not very comfortable with that Android ICS/Sense 4 UI software combination, there’s only one thing to do. Yes, I’m talking about flashing one of the cool and functional custom ROMs available around the web. But before doing that you’ll need to unlock the bootloader. Up until now, to do that, you were forced to use a Windows or Linux-based computer, and, as usual, Mac users were left hanging for a solution for their favorite platform. That’s all in the past, however, thanks to XDA Senior Member…

Rooters rejoice: AT&T HTC One X bootloader unlocked

by 2 years ago

We finally have good news for those AT&T HTC One X users out there who like to root and flash ROMS. A member of XDA-Forums named grankin01 has come up with an unofficial way to unlock the bootloader on HTC’s uber phone. This is particularly excellent news, considering we have no idea if HTC is going to release an official bootloader unlock tool. Grankin01’s method of unlocking the bootloader basically tricks the AT&T version of the phone into thinking it’s a Rogers HTC One X, a version that does have an unlocked bootloader. If you are proficient at rooting and command…

Custom ROM? Asus Transformer Pad 300 gets bootloader unlock tool

by 2 years ago

The Transformer Pad 300 might not be the hottest Android-based tablet available these days, but Asus has its ways to ensure the popularity of the company’s products. The 10-incher quad-core tablet has just gotten a bootloader unlock tool, so if custom ROMs are your thing, the “games” can now officially begin! Following in the footsteps of the Transformer Prime, the Transformer Pad 300 has been released last month with pretty much the same tech specs as its predecessor, but with a plastic exterior replacing the sturdy and elegant Prime’s aluminum body. Asus has released a bootloader unlock tool for the…