ZTE Warp Sequent

The ZTE Grand X IN is supposed to hit Europe any day now, while rumors say that the 4.3-incher will never see the light of day in the USA. However, a fresh new leak claims that the phone will in fact come to the States, albeit in a slightly tweaked form.The ZTE Warp Sequent is the name of this rehashed device, and, according to an evleaks tweet, it will be made available by Boost Mobile on September 17.

Galaxy S2 4G

The brand new S2 4G on Boost Mobile is a phone to look for, based mostly on its more than fair quality-price ratio. Sporting a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display with 800 x 480 pixels resolution and powered by a dual-core 1.2 GHz Exynos processor, the S2 still has what it takes to fight more than a few of the recently released high-enders.


There are very limited options for anyone looking to avoid a 2-year contractual commitment that is required by network carriers in the US. While there are prepaid carriers around, the selection... of devices is limited and decidedly “last year.” Unless you’re willing to shell out over $700 for an off-contract unlocked device that is.

Boost Mobile, a wholly-owned subsidiary...


In an already saturated smartphone market, there is increasing push by device manufacturers to be different. Whether it be to offer the more powerful processors, or larger... displays with higher resolutions, OEMs are in a continuous battle of one-upmanship, to give consumers a reason to pick their products over another. Kyocera, instead of battling it out in the specificati...


It’s hard to imagine a Pay-as-you-Go carrier like Boost Mobile getting a nice higher end phone like the LG Marquee. Yes I know a lot people think badly on LG, but look at how beautiful... that device is. Anyways, Boost Mobile will be selling it for $280 starting January 23rd. And yes it is the same LG Marquee that Sprint currently sells for $0.00 on a new contract or upgrade, I’m...