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MOGA Bluetooth gaming controller set to drop soon

by: nathanSeptember 24, 2012
Gaming and Android have become good buddies lately. On tap this year, we have OUYA and XBMC. We've also seen the likes of Ringbow, DRONE and Gameklip. People like games, but they don't always prefer to use the touch controls on their phone for hours on end. Thumb cramps anyone? This is the niche where the MOGA bluetooth controller sits nicely.
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Drive Link by Samsung helps drivers be safe

by: nathanAugust 28, 2012
Color me surprised. Samsung has launched an app and it's not called S-Driver, S-assistant, S-navigator or any other variant. It's named Drive Link, and it aims to be the extra set of hands in a driver's vehicle. Common tasks such as listening to music, navigation and speaking hands-free are the main focus of the app.
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Jawbone Jambox bluetooth speaker review [video]

by: Ankit BanerjeeAugust 6, 2012

There are a lot of features packed into our smartphones, but for many, nothing is more important than the ability of the device to function as a music player. Manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into making sure that their high-end flagship devices don’t give consumers a reason to complain when it comes to this key feature. We’ve seen this happen recently, with the Beats Audio integration with the HTC One X (and all other new HTC releases), and the Samsung Galaxy S3 being no slouch in the sound quality department either.

Granted, the best way to enjoy the high-quality capabilities of our smartphones is by using a [...]

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Parrot Minikit Neo is your Bluetooth assistant and car finder

by: Matthew SabatiniJuly 12, 2012

Texting and driving has been successfully banned in 39 out of 50 states in America. Therefore, Bluetooth control and “hands free” systems are becoming the standard. For example, Ford Sync by Microsoft is being placed in many of their newer cars. The price recently dropped to $295 which makes SYNC “the most capable and most affordable system on the market”. However, if you are not going to be purchasing a new Ford anytime soon, or you are looking for a less expensive option, Parrot’s Minikit Neo might be the choice for you.

The device has a simplistic and sleek design that attaches to the [...]

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Jawbone ERA: Hands-on review

by: Brandon SobottaMarch 19, 2012


When the Jawbone ERA arrived at my doorstep, it caught me completely off guard: I completely forgot it was heading my way for a review. But after spending some time with it, I can assure you, I will not forget the ERA anytime soon. I’ve never really saw myself as one to use a Bluetooth ear piece, because I was always under the impression that they were uncomfortable and clumsy. Is this the case with the Jawbone ERA?




NoiseAssassin® 3.0 with wind reduction 10mm wideband speaker (HD audio) Automatic volume control Voice announcements


Built-in accelerometer (motion sensor) MotionX™ technology Dual [...]
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How to Use an Android Phone/Tablet to Control Another Android via Bluetooth

by: JoseJanuary 8, 2012

We have already seen many useful apps in the Android Market, apps that we probably have been using even now. Be they for productivity, entertainment, or whatnot, these apps are an important part of our Android gadgets.

We recently ran into the Tablet Remote app, an Android app whose function confused us at first. After installing the app, though, we discovered that it’s actually a useful one. The app uses Bluetooth to communicate with fellow Android devices. It seems to be an interesting and unique function. If you’re intrigued about what this app can do, read on to find out more.

When we first saw the name of the app, we were quite intrigued. Why should [...]

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Nintendo 64 Emulator ‘N64oid’ Updated – Now Support Multiple Bluetooth Controllers Simultaneously

by: Darcy LaCouveeOctober 7, 2011

Emulators, oh emulators, where would we be without you. The N64 heralded a new generation of awesome multiplayer gaming with games like GoldenEye, Mortal Kombat, MarioKart, and more. If you’re craving a chance to relive the glory days of late 90’s gaming – then you’re probably asking yourself – how are we all going to interact with my Android device? Well, thankfully, a savvy developer, Yongzh, has updated N64oid to have multiple bluetooth controller support.

Most recently, we created a comprehensive guide on how to play N64 and PSX games on your Android tablet and/or phone. The developer behind N64oid, Yongzh, had his app pulled from the [...]

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Video demo of Motorola’s H17txt Bluetooth headset and MotoSpeak for Android app

by: Michael OrylJune 24, 2010

Here’s a quick demonstration I shot of Motorola’s H17txt Bluetooth headset and the MotoSpeak app for Android that you can use with it.  MotoSpeak will read out your text messages through the headset as they arrive, and if you upgrade to the full version you’ll get access to email and different voices.

You’ll find MotoSpeak freely available in the Android Market.

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Nexus One desktop dock passes through the FCC

by: Susan ElleryDecember 28, 2009

An eagle eyed member of Android forums scanned the FCC and scooped the Nexus One desktop dock which received FCC approval last week. The outline drawing of the desktop dock is not revealing but the test report reveals a bit of an oddity – the desktop dock includes integrated Bluetooh 2.1+EDR, seemingly duplicating the Bluetooth functionality of the phone. Any guesses as to what extra functionality would be provided by the secondary Bluetooth in the desktop dock? Unless someone with inside information comes forward, this is one mystery that may have to wait for the official announcement before it is solved.

[via Engadget]

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Samsung Behold 2 shows up on Bluetooth SIG

by: James TromansSeptember 3, 2009

The Samsung Behold 2, also known as the Samsung SGH-T939, had already been spotted with a Wi-Fi Operability Certificate back in July and appeared to be heading to T-Mobile. Back then, nothing else was really very clear, including whether the device would be running Android. Well now, the Bluetooth special interests group website has a specification sheet out detailing the Samsung Behold 2. According to the design description, “The Samsung SGH-T939 is a GSM phone, featuring a 3.2” AMOLED full touch screen and WiFi connectivity, giving users access to Google™ Mobile services and full web browsing at blazing speeds.”

I guess we can factor in that the Samsung Behold also offers [...]

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