BlueStacks brings Android apps to Mac OS X, too

bluestacks mac
by 2 years ago

One of the advantages of running Android apps on top of a virtual machine is that, if you port that VM (which shouldn’t be that hard since the Dalvik VM is open source), you can use Android apps on any other operating system. This is how we got the Alien Dalvik from the Myriad Group, which was originally supposed to work on top of Meego, but that plan went nowhere after Meego was scrapped by Nokia. Myriad then released version 2.0, which came with support for many other non-Android devices, such as TVs, e-book readers, and even iPads. Then we also have…

Asus to bundle BlueStacks Android emulator software on its Windows computers

by 2 years ago

Having secured $7.6 million in funding from several investors a year ago and the financial backing from Qualcomm recently, BlueStacks can finally breathe a sigh of relief after it landed the big break it has been looking for. The start-up company has inked a deal, which CEO Rosen Sharma said will boost the accelerating merger of mobile and PC, with the world’s fifth-biggest PC maker AsusTek to have its software come pre-installed in Asus PC computers. The software allows users to run Android apps on their Windows computers in full-screen mode. BlueStacks has been hard at work in the last year…

BlueStacks reaches beta release; 450,000 Android Apps now on Windows

by 2 years ago

With the availability of more and more high-end devices and blazing speed data connections, the growth of the “app culture” has been exponential. The ability to instantly download apps and have almost any information available, literally, at your fingertips is infinitely appealing. Not to be stopped at providing fun, albeit time-wasting activities on your handset, apps have slowly begun migrating to PCs as well. We’ve already seen a few examples of this, with Angry Birds, one of the most popular app games around, already available on Chrome. Not to be outdone, Microsoft announced the availability of “Cut the Rope” on…