RIM CEO admits to having considered switch to Android

by 1 year ago

RIM isn’t exactly in the best form today, having risen and fallen as the preferred smartphone platform in the enterprise market. To date, BlackBerry’s market share has dwindled, although the platform remains in third place after Android and iOS. In the aim of keeping up with the times, RIM had actually considered making the switch to Android. In an interview with The Telegraph, RIM’s new CEO Thorsten Heins admitted that the Canadian company could not keep up with Apple and Samsung, given their market dominance in the smartphone and tablet business. He pointed out that RIM did not have “the…

RIM: Here’s what you need to do to succeed with Blackberry 10 this fall

blackberry os 10 dev alpha
by 2 years ago

Android is a great operating system (I’d say the best overall), and I can see myself using it for at least the next five years. It may even become a desktop solution, if Google takes the right steps in that direction.¬†But we should always encourage more competition in the market. Competition is a good thing for Google because it will have to innovate faster, and everyone else will have to keep up with its pace. Other companies will come with their own innovations, and the virtuous cycle will repeat itself. This is why I’m excited about RIM’s Blackberry. I really…

What Awesome Technology Do We Expect To See At Mobile World Congress 2012?

by 2 years ago

At the end of¬†this month will¬†be Mobile¬†World Congress, the largest¬†mobile technology dedicated trade show in the world. It will take place¬†between¬†February 27th¬†and 1st of¬†March¬†in Barcelona. Year by year, this event¬†has provided us with¬†product launches¬†and¬†news from the growing world of mobile technology. Among¬†the innumerable lot of¬†rumors¬†and¬†official announcements,¬†we have picked¬†the most anticipated¬†debuts¬†for this big event.¬†For better organization,¬†we’ve put them into different categories. Read on! Smartphones: HTC The¬†HTC¬†Ville, set to be named the HTC One S, is¬†the thinnest phone set to come from HTC. Rumors suggest that¬†the new¬†gadget¬†from the Taiwanese company¬†will¬†be no more than¬†8 mm thin, whereas their thinnest¬†phones¬†currently measure 10 mm thick….

BlackBerry 10 is Looking Good, But Will It Compete Against Android?

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The new BlackBerry 10 looks promising yet almost identical to the BlackBerry PlayBook‚ÄĒonly this time, the new model has rounded corners as well as an all-black look. Codenamed as London, the device is expected to have a UK launch later this year. On the other hand, the US market of the device will receive the gadget too but with a different codename, either ‚ÄėLaguna‚Äô or ‚ÄėLisbon‚Äô which will be hitting the big three mobile networks‚ÄĒAT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Meanwhile, CrackBerry foresees that the US launch will be earlier than the UK. But since the BlackBerry is still the UK‚Äôs number…