What was once a stranger, now it wouldn’t be too much to call the Samsung Galaxy Stellar as an old chum, what with the amount of information we’ve had of the Verizon-bound phone in recent days. After the leak last week that gave away the phone’s price (on-contract), new details of the phone can be found on Best Buy website.


Being released around the same time as the Android juggernaut that was Samsung Galaxy S3, poor Sony Xperia Ion never stood a chance, did it? We don’t think it stopped diehard Sony fans and early adopters from shelling out between $50 and $100 for the Ion. Thanks to Best Buy, you can now get Sony’s flagship phone for free.


For those who are still undecided on how to best spend their hard-earned cash, Best Buy has a sweet deal on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. The retailer is preparing a special student edition... of the tablet with some bonuses thrown in.

The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 student edition is bundled with a keyboard dock and an USB connector. From the picture, it seems the QWERTY keyboard only works...


Google has cut the price of the unlocked GSM model of Galaxy Nexus to $350 for quite some time now on its Play Store. Now there’s more good deal to be had for those looking to score the Verizon... variant of the phone.  You can get the smartphone that Apple tried to silence and take down through patent litigation on the nation’s biggest carrier for free.

Best Buy is currently offering the...


They’ve sure took their time, but, with the Sony Xperia Ion, Sony Mobile has finally released its first flagship phone of the year. Available as an AT&T exclusive, the Xperia Ion... can be had for $99.99 on a two-year contract. The price has been admittedly set pretty low to attract buyers, but an even better deal awaits if you get the Xperia Ion elsewhere.

Best Buy has...


North American carriers and electronics retailers are having a tough time keeping up with Galaxy S3 demand, which must certainly please Samsung, as the company expects... to sell quite a few million Galaxy S3 units this year.

U.S. smartphone buyers interested in the Galaxy S3 already know that AT&T and Sprint have pushed back actual in-store launches, while Veriz...

verizon galaxy nexus lte

Google and Samsung’s flagship phone, the Galaxy Nexus, came out on Verizon as quite expensive, at $300 with a two year contract. Of course it came with 32 GB, while for instance, the 32... GB iPhone 4S costs the same, and it also had LTE, which adds quite a bit to the price. If you remember the first LTE phones, they have 1 GHz processors and they still cost $300.

But the Galaxy...

Galaxy S3 AT&T

The waiting might have been frustrating for some US tech fans, but you are now officially one step closer to getting the Samsung Galaxy S3. Sammy’s new flagship can now be pre-ordered from... the nation’s three biggest carriers, as well as from Best Buy’s retail stores.

Sprint has been the first American carrier to accept S3 pre-orders and the good thing about the network’s of...

Roughly 75,000 people are working to make the Samsung Galaxy S3

Canadian folks who have been saving to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 can probably head down to the nearest Best Buy in their area on June 20. While it’s known that the superphone will be available... on most, if not all, carriers in the country by summer, Mobile Syrup has gotten a tip, complete with a leaked flyer that points to the availability of the phone.

Further fueling the rumors of Galax...