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Android customization – Three battery saving tips using Tasker

September 4, 2014
Power consumption affects all Android users, these three Android customization tips using Tasker will help you save some battery life to get your though your day. Learn how and when to kill WiFi, Bluetooth and Background Sync.
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Charge your phone using the vibrations of sound

August 20, 2014
Researchers at the Queen Mary University in London are working on a way to charge your cell phone using nothing more than sound. Go ahead, play your music, we need a top up.
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T-Mobile smartphones have longer battery life, Laptop Mag test shows

August 7, 2014
Laptop Magazine battery life tests show that devices running on T-Mobile’s network consistently last longer than the same devices on competing networks, sometimes by a big margin.
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Unu Ultrapak power pack pulls 2000mAh of juice in just 15 minutes

July 28, 2014
The Una Ultrapak is battery pack that is equipped with fast charging technology, allowing it to soak up 2000 mAh of electricity in about 15 minutes.
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Stanford University’s next-gen lithium batteries could triple smartphone battery life

July 28, 2014
Researchers at Stanford University are working on a new lithium battery technology, which makes use of a nanoscopic carbon anode shield to improve battery life.
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Humble sand could one day triple the battery life of your smartphone

July 14, 2014
A new technology could potentially make smartphone batteries last three days, as opposed to one day in the case of the typical batteries of today. The secret is replacing the graphite anode typically used in Li-ion batteries with an anode made of silicon, manufactured through a novel method from common sand.
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Flying to the US? Make sure your devices are charged

July 7, 2014
The secretary of Homeland Security has ordered extra security checks on all direct flights to the USA, including checks on Android smartphones and tablets.
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Android L improves battery life by 36% in Ars Technica’s benchmark

July 1, 2014
Android L is Google's biggest update to its mobile operating system. We are expecting wonders, but just how great is their new Project Volta?
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Take control of Ultra Power Saving Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S5 with UPSM Manager

June 21, 2014
If the apps provided by Samsung's Ultra Power Saving Mode don't do it for you, UPSM Manager is here to save the day. Take control of your Galaxy S5 and choose which apps you want on your power saving mode list.
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Is it possible to have 1-week battery life? Microsoft believes so!

June 12, 2014
Microsoft's Ranveer Chandra has taken the stage at MIT Technology Review’s Digital Summit, taking our breath with the possibility of 1-week battery life.
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