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Report: Global E-Book Shipments To Drop 77% During Q1 2012

by: Mike AndriciMarch 5, 2012

A recent report from the prestigious DigiTimes Research claims that global shipment volumes of e-book readers will drop during the first quarter of 2012 to an estimate of 2 million units. During the fourth quarter of 2011, global e-book shipments reached the impressive figure of 9 million units. Simple math tells us that’s a 77% quarter over quarter decrease in shipments. Is the e-book reader industry dead and gone? Not by far!

During 2011, almost 23 million ebooks were shipped, 9 million of which in the last quarter alone, so it’s safe to assume that the end-of-the-year holiday season heavily contributed to the increase in sales & shipments during Q4 of 2011. But [...]

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Cheaper 8GB Nook Tablet to Hit the Stores on Wednesday

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 21, 2012


The 16 GB Nook Tablet has received a fairly positive reception from the tech crowd when it was launched late last year. Many reviewers, including our own Lucian Armasu, noted that B&N’s slate is in many ways superior to its direct competitor, the Kindle Fire. Sales, too, have been brisk for the Nook Tablet, with an iSuppli report showing that Barnes & Noble sold a respectable 1.9 million units in the fourth quarter of 2012 (including the Nook Color).

However, the Nook Tablet would fare much better if it weren’t for the price tag. B&N’s 16 GB slate is available at $250, while its rival, the Kindle Fire comes at $199.99. In the low cost [...]

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NOOK Color 2 “Confirmed” for Release Ahead of Kindle Fire

by: JoseOctober 31, 2011

Who can forget the very successful NOOK Color? With Android ported into this e-reader, it became a hit not just to people who love books but to Android fanatics, as well. It’s been more than a year now, and it seems like Barnes and Noble (B&N) is about to release a new and better model of the NOOK Color, reportedly this November 7.

There are strong rumors though that B&N is going to release the new device on the said date–a NOOK Color 2, codenamed the Acclaim.  The date, notably, is just about a week ahead of the Amazon Kindle Fire release date on November 15.  The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s latest and upcoming tablet and a chief competitor to [...]

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Barnes & Noble Officially Unveils New Android E-Ink Nook

by: MiguelMay 25, 2011

It’s a six-inch full E-Ink touchscreen that can hold 1,000 books. There’s an initial 2GB storage but microSD upgrades can muscle it all the way to a hefty 32GB. Such is the brand new Nook e-reader Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch triumphantly raised in the air today in a cozy event in New York.

But wait, seen below isn’t the new Nook (it’s Mr. Lynch at a previous Barnes & Noble event), as photos of it are a bit scarce. Read on for the full reveal.

The official unveiling drew an obligatory amount of oohs and aahs from a rapt audience who were teased the new Nook’s virtues. Running on Android 2.1, the Nook is slated for a [...]

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NOOK for Android App updated

by: James TromansAugust 5, 2010

NOOK for Android updated

NOOK for Android is a pretty popular application, especially among Barnes & Noble customers. This hot application has now received an update and those users who are running Android 2.1 will enjoy new features including four professionally designed themes for page and text color including: Day, Night, Sepia and Butter. You can also adjust the screen settings, controlling the brightness and margin. Other benefits include,

Ability to read rights-free ePub files from a personal collection in the app simply by side-loading them into the My Documents folder Flexibility to store the app on board or an SD card (for devices [...]
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Barnes & Noble NOOK e-reader released for Android

by: Derek ScottJuly 22, 2010

Barnes & Noble has launched its NOOK e-book reader for Android-based devices.  The bookselling giant’s app lets users browse for books from their smartphones wirelessly and download from more than one million e-books. Features include reading in landscape or portrait mode, text and font adjustment, and the ability to share e-books with friends for up to 14 days.

The NOOK app works on Android 1.6 devices or higher and is available now for free on the Android Market.

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Barnes & Noble to ship 60,000 Nooks in 2009 and 500,000 by March 2010

by: Susan ElleryDecember 25, 2009


The Barnes & Noble Nook has been far more popular than Barnes & Noble ever anticipated. The book retailer has struggled to fill orders with shipping delays plaguing those who pre-ordered the Android-powered e-reader when it launched on October 20th. Pre-orders were expected to ship on November 30th but that date was pushed back until December 7th. Even with the delays, Barnes & Noble was expected to fulfill most pre-orders in time for Christmas. For those who didn’t receive their Nook in time for the holidays, Barnes & Noble was sending affected customers a $100 online gift certificate. Estimates from Asian sources suggest [...]

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Video: Nook gets reviewed

by: James TromansDecember 8, 2009


The guys over at Slash Gear have had enough hands-on time with Barnes & Noble’s Nook to piece together a fully fledged review. Most of the Android based news and indeed most devices that run Android are based around a Smartphone concept. The Nook is different because it is an eBook reader, similar to Amazon’s Kindle, and yet still runs Google’s Android OS. But this isn’t any old eReader. With two displays, including a full color 3.5’’ capacitive touchscreen for navigation, this thing might even have something to offer those that never thought they’d get sucked in by all the eReader malarkey.

As we mentioned back when we first got the [...]

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The ‘Nook’ electronic book from Barnes & Noble runs Android

by: James TromansOctober 21, 2009

Barnes & Noble Nook

Step aside ‘Alex’, your 5 minutes of fame has come to an end. We now welcome ‘Nook’ from Barnes and Noble. We know for a fact they share similar physical specifications including the common 6″ E Ink display along with a 3.5″ LCD Color Touch Screen positioned below, but anyone not sure about the name? Those who grew up reading Dr. Seuss will remember “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” and can perhaps recall Theodor Geisel’s Nook who took a look at the book on a hook. Trendy huh? Before we get into the Android stuff, hardware specs and all the usual items, what separates the Nook from its competitors, such as [...]

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eReader and ‘Friendlee’ applications coming soon to Android

by: James TromansJune 11, 2009

As the title would suggest, there are a couple of interesting applications that will make their way to Android in the coming months. First to receive a mention is eReader, a Barnes & Noble Company. eReader is effectively the world’s largest eBook store, even if they say so themselves. It offers a huge range of eBooks for your iPhone, Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone, Palm Treo and Centro or any Symbian mobile phone. Soon to make it onto that short list will be any Android device. We can expect to see eReader for Android popping up later on this summer, and although the feature list wont be complete right away, we can expect it to deal with ePub, Fictionwise’s DRM and non [...]

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