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Chromebook Pixel available to buy in Australia through Mobicity

March 16, 2013
Any Australians out there itching to get their hands on a Chromebook? Well, now you can! Not through the Play Store mind you, but through Mobicity at a bit of a higher price. Will you be getting one?
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Google plans on making Samsung and Acer Chromebooks available “in more countries very soon”

March 14, 2013
Google plans on launching Samsung and Acer Chromebooks in additional countries "very soon". Excited?
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Telstra opens Sony Xperia Z pre-orders, shipping to start on March 26

March 13, 2013
Although Australia was one of the first countries to gain confirmation of a wide Xperia Z rollout, Sony left it out the initial launch waves. And, as it appears, Aussies will be left hanging a little more than expected, specifically until March 26.
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Sony Xperia ZL available in Australia for $699 outright

March 7, 2013
We know, Sony’s Xperia Z is all the rage at the moment, what with its waterproofing and all, but the ZL deserves a turn in the spotlight too.
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Oppo Find 5 now up for pre-order on Mobicity for $629

February 26, 2013
If you don't mind shelling out some big bucks in advance for the Oppo Find 5, you can now pre-order the 5-inch full HD smartphone from Australian retailer Mobicity.
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Sony’s Xperia Z to land in Austalia mid-March for $749

February 22, 2013
We told you last month that all major carriers in Australia will be offering the popular phone. Now here’s some fresh information regarding its availability and pricing in the land of the down under.
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HTC One availability and price roundup – US, Canada, Europe, Asia

February 21, 2013
It was pretty smart to unveil the One before the Samsung Galaxy S4, but that’s going to mean zilch if HTC’s flagship won’t also be out in stores by the time the S4 is official. The sooner the better.
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HTC One heading to Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus in Australia

February 20, 2013
As impressive as the specs are, it’s hard to tell whether customers will lap up the HTC One once it hits stores. But one thing is clear is that HTC has no problem convincing mobile operators worldwide to carry the phone.
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Sony Xperia Z coming on February 28 in Ireland and Finland, sometime in March in Australia

February 14, 2013
With HTC One’s unveiling days away and Samsung Galaxy S4’s launch likely set for March, one would think the headlines battle would be carried between the two and no one else. And yet Sony Xperia Z’s mojo seems impossible to disrupt.
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16GB Nexus 4: Gone in 20 minutes on Google Play Store in Australia

January 31, 2013
Oops, the Nexus 4 has done it again. The 16GB variant of the phone is now listed as "out of stock" on the Australian Google Play, less than half an hour after it returned to the store.
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