Sprint’s unlimited data won’t be so ‘unlimited’ after all, plans to start throttling speeds for heavy users

Sprint Unlimited Data
by 2 months ago

Sprint is soon going to be throttling their heaviest users in the company’s most congested areas. Customers of both Sprint’s postpaid and prepaid services, as well as their Boost Mobile and Virgin Moobile prepaid brands, are receiving notifications from the company informing them they’ll soon face a new prioritization management scheme.

Tech giants slam FCC plan for Internet ‘fast lanes’

FCC Seal Emblem
by 2 months ago

A total of 145 companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, DropBox, and Yahoo issued a joint statement to FCC boss Tom Wheeler for his proposal to protect network neutrality by destroying it. The letter is not only signed by more than 100 Internet companies but also by two of five commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission. In the letter, the companies take issue with Chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan to regulate broadband providers

The next major battle for wireless companies? Customer Loyalty

Bigstock Poor Customer Service
by 2 months ago

Consumer Reports routinely shows that cell phone service providers are one of, if not the, worst in terms of customer satisfaction rankings. While Sprint now occupies last place in the latest Consumer Reports survey, AT&T has consistently been dead last in recent years. In fact, Consumer Reports has found that the cell phone provider with the highest marks was prepaid operator Consumer Cellular.

First AT&T, now Verizon cries to the FCC about auction rules

Verizon Wireless
by 2 months ago

Verizon has decided to follow in AT&T’s footsteps and stamp its feet about the restrictions that the FCC is going to put in place to save some chunks of spectrum for smaller operators. Verizon used similar arguments as AT&T by stating that the rules limiting hoarding by the companies with the deepest pockets was “perverse and unjust” and “subsidizing.”

Can AT&T fix in-flight WiFi?

by 2 months ago

GoGo’s pricing and performance often underwhelms and now faces new pressure from AT&T who says they will start offering a 4G LTE in-flight service in late 2015. AT&T didn’t announcing pricing or technical details, but said it expects their service to be up and running by as early as late next year, with options for both business planes and commercial aircraft.