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2 articles

Senate report shows how carriers collected millions from cramming

A report from the U.S. Senate claims that mobile carriers have made hundreds of millions in profits through cramming tactics.
by William Neilson JrJuly 31, 20142

AT&T on target to shutdown 2G network by the end of 2016

AT&T is now stating that they are meeting shutdown targets as it works to move 2G customers onto their 3G and 4G networks.
by William Neilson JrJuly 31, 20143

AT&T adds wireless customer data to TV ad targeting platform

AT&T has announced that they will use mobile subscriber information to help advertisers better target TV ads.
by William Neilson JrJuly 31, 20141

The absurdity of global data roaming charges is back

For years, carriers have been charging consumers with massive global data roaming fees. Adam Savage, former co-host of Mythbusters, was given a $10,000 bill by AT&T for his trip to ...
by William Neilson JrJuly 25, 201421

The wireless industry has flipped their business model with 3 myths

Over the last few years, both AT&T and Verizon have been successful in changing their business model from giving unlimited data and charging for calling/texting to charging for data and ...
by William Neilson JrJuly 23, 2014

AT&T has been unsuccessful in kicking customers off their unlimited plans

AT&T eliminated their unlimited data plans for new customers in 2010. A year later, AT&T told those customers with an unlimited data plan that they would have their plans throttled if ...
by William Neilson JrJuly 22, 2014132

Despite subscriber additions, carriers face growth questions

BusinessWire As this site discussed earlier today, T-Mobile is expected to continue their reign as the “fastest-growing” carrier once Q2 results are released ...
by William Neilson JrJuly 21, 20142

AT&T wants a “level playing field” only when the rules benefit them

PolarVortexTech AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision and Comcast love to yell and scream about needing a “level playing field” whenever the whiff of ...
by William Neilson JrJuly 19, 201419

2015 Buick vehicles are the first GM cars to have wireless connectivity installed

Telematicsnews Last February, General Motors (GM) announced that a number of their 2015 car models would have AT&T LTE ...
by William Neilson JrJuly 17, 20143

Toll-free data plans are growing worldwide

BusinessInsider While AT&T has been trying to¬†expand the list of companies involved in their “Sponsored Data” program, interest in the program has been ...
by William Neilson JrJuly 16, 20142
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