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Sprint’s “cut your bill in half” deal allows them to heavily throttle customers

Sprint will throttle these new users to make sure their network is fine for other customers.
by William Neilson JrDecember 4, 20149

Broadband providers hate regulations, except when it helps them

Broadband providers have spent millions to “lobby state/federal legislatures" to stop public Internet services that offer faster speeds at cheaper rates.
by William Neilson JrDecember 3, 20143

Sprint offers half-bill promo for those switching from Verizon and AT&T

Sprint has unveiled a major boon for current Verizon or AT&T customers willing to switch over to the Now Network. Customers who switch from Verizon or AT&T will see their bill cut in half.
by Matthew BensonDecember 3, 20145

Looking to fix your AT&T-branded Nexus 6? Here’s how to fix the top 6 problems

AT&T has done a lot to "enhance" their version of the Nexus 6, but thankfully the folks over at XDA have found some ways to fix it!
by Jimmy WestenbergNovember 24, 201421

T-Mobile is excited to announce its Nexus 6 has no branding or bloat

Just days after it was discovered AT&T had "enhanced" the look of the Nexus 6 with its branding, T-Mobile announces its variant has nothing of the sort.
by Matthew BensonNovember 23, 201465

AT&T and Sprint Nexus 6 available at Best Buy, while AT&T has to send back their inventory

The Nexus 6 experiences more delays in it's early days of being available, but you can still buy it at Best Buy!
by Jimmy WestenbergNovember 21, 201414

It’s not Lollipop: AT&T Note 3 and Sprint GS5 get 4.4.4 updates

The Sprint Galaxy S5 and AT&T Galaxy Note 3 have finally received updates to Android 4.4.4.
by Andrew GrushNovember 20, 201419

AT&T Nexus 6 carrier branded, and reportedly SIM locked too

If a new report proves correct, the AT&T Nexus 6 isn't just carrier branded, it also is SIM locked.
by Andrew GrushNovember 20, 201426

AT&T wants the NSA to have a warrant when asking for location data

AT&T and Verizon are asked to hand over massive amounts of customer information.
by William Neilson JrNovember 19, 20148

AT&T will add 5GB to those purchasing a 10GB Mobile Share Value plan

AT&T is offering to add 5GB to those purchasing a 10GB Mobile Share Value plan.
by William Neilson JrNovember 18, 20148
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