TSMC can only meet 70% of the demand for 28nm chips. First victim? The Asus Padfone

ASUS Padfone
by 2 years ago

Some of the world’s finest artwork took years of labor to complete, so it shouldn’t be surprising to see Asus taking its sweet time with its masterpiece candidate, the Asus Padfone. First teased more than a year ago, we’ve seen the Padfone finally launching in its Taiwan home country in April. Now a tweet from Asus Indonesia seems to suggest that the launch date for other regions could be in jeopardy. Although the tweet didn’t mention specifically any launch delays, it said that Qualcomm is having problems meeting the demand for its highly sought-after Snapdragon S4 processor, which spells trouble for…

ASUS Padfone, Pad Infinity, and Pad 300 pricing and release dates in Europe revealed

Asus padfone
by 2 years ago

After the success of its dual-core Transformer Pad tablet (named so because of the ability to switch between a tablet and netbook mode), ASUS released the world’s first quad-core (Nvidia Tegra 3) Android 4.0 tablet last year, the ASUS Transformer Prime. ASUS followed up with a very impressive showing at the MWC 2012, featuring a lineup of “two and a half” tablets – the ASUS Padfone, Transformer Pad Infinity, and the Transformer Pad 300. After we got news about the pricing of the Padfone in Taiwan, we finally have some information on the European release dates and pricing of Asus…

Asus Padfone to start shipping in Taiwan on April 20 for $980, no words on US availability yet

Asus padfone
by 2 years ago

Some called it innovative, some revolutionary, and many just couldn’t believe their eyes. The Asus Padfone took us all by surprise back at the MWC in February, but much of the hype surrounding the smartphone/tablet/netbook hybrid was quickly cooled down by rumors about its pricing. An online UK store had the Padfone available for preorder starting a few weeks back and it was pretty obvious that most of us will never be able to afford the gadget. However, until today, we didn’t have any official word on the device’s pricing, so some of us still hoped for the best. Well, today…

Rumored Supply Chain Problems Could Delay Major Android Releases

Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait
by 2 years ago

San Diego-based Qualcomm supplies SoCs for many Android makers, with its dual-core Snapdragon S4 (Krait) chip powering several high-profile Android devices that are coming over the next months. But Qualcomm is a fabless firm, meaning that it doesn’t actually manufacture the chips it designs and markets. Fabrication is handled by Asian semiconductor specialists, most notably Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). Now, Qualcomm seems to be running into serious issues with its S4 chip. According to a rumor reported by Semi Accurate, TSMC has encountered major problems with its 28nm chip line, causing it to halt production. The issues appeared to…

The ASUS Padfone: A Revolution in the Making?

padfone us carriers tethering
by 2 years ago

Can the Padfone change the restrictive tethering policies of U.S. carriers? Since we were first introduced to the ASUS Padfone, almost a year ago, we were intrigued by the possibilities created by this seemingly wacky device. Is it a phone, is it a pad? It’s a Padfone! This comic book-reminiscent tagline summarizes the whole idea behind ASUS’ shape-shifting product. Instead of confining their thinking to the proverbial box, the Taiwanese chose to go their own way. The result is a device that is truly ground-breaking, not only in terms of design, but also through the concept that it promotes. Why…

ASUS MWC 2012 Roundup – All You Need To Know about ASUS’s New Devices

by 2 years ago

Yesterday at MWC, ASUS monopolized the limelight, releasing no less than three intriguing new devices. We call ASUS’ new products devices for lack of a better term. Depending on how you use them, the Transformer Pad Infinity an the Transformer Pad 300 can be either tablets or netbooks. Moreover, the long-awaited Padfone takes the whole Transformer concept to the next level – the 4.3-inch Padfone smartphone docks into a larger shell to become a full-fledged tablet, which in turn, docks into a keyboard to become an Android 4.0 netbook (notebook?). And ASUS took the whole craziness (in the good way)…

What Awesome Technology Do We Expect To See At Mobile World Congress 2012?

by 2 years ago

At the end of this month will be Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile technology dedicated trade show in the world. It will take place between February 27th and 1st of March in Barcelona. Year by year, this event has provided us with product launches and news from the growing world of mobile technology. Among the innumerable lot of rumors and official announcements, we have picked the most anticipated debuts for this big event. For better organization, we’ve put them into different categories. Read on! Smartphones: HTC The HTC Ville, set to be named the HTC One S, is the thinnest phone set to come from HTC. Rumors suggest that the new gadget from the Taiwanese company will be no more than 8 mm thin, whereas their thinnest phones currently measure 10 mm thick….

ASUS Padfone at Mobile World Congress?

by 2 years ago

We’ve seen this one before, our very own Editor in Chief Darcy LaCouvee did a Hands-on with the ASUS Padfone at CES. It looks like now it is finally being officially announced and possibly launched at Mobile World Congress in a few weeks, as far as ASUS’ press invite is concerned. For those who don’t know what the ASUS Padfone is, it’s a tablet and a phone. The phone slips into the back of the tablet and it runs off of the padfone. So in essence it’s one device that transforms into a tablet, and of course it comes from…