Apple vs Android

We are in the golden era of mobile technology, and the industry isn’t resting on its laurels. While Apple may have started this industry on a new path, its reign at the top may soon be over.

Amazon AppStore Japan-w600

Why does Godzilla usually attack Tokyo instead of any other city in the world? We don’t really know. But what we’re sure of is that there’s a something else reaching the shores of the land of the rising sun, and that’s Amazon’s AppStore. Amazon is doing its seventh AppStore launch, and the sixth outside of the U.S., following Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK.


Third-party app stores for Android aren’t doing so well in the U.S. and Europe. Manufacturers and carriers are closing their own app stores, and those that remain open are increasingly coming under fire for being safe houses for malware. Finnish startup Blaast is hoping that it will find better luck in Asia.


Things are about to change for those of you who live in Taiwan and crave for a Nexus 7 slate, although the rest of Asia might again be left out of the mix. All three major Taiwanese wireless carriers, as well as a bunch of electronics retail stores, have started taking pre-orders for the 7-incher and will ship the tab in a matter of weeks.


Just 24 hours after picking up on a couple of leaks regarding a future Samsung entry-level phone, Sammy has already gone up and made the handheld official. The GT-B5330, as we knew it yesterday, will be marketed as the Samsung Galaxy Chat and will hit Europe by the end of the month. The Galaxy Chat is a low-end device in the true sense of the word and will not draw much attention with its power or looks, but the phone does have two pleasant surprises for tech enthusiasts on a budget. Set to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out…