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Your next Android phone might be able to recognize the objects around you

by: Kris CarlonJuly 6, 2016
Google has acquired a startup that develops machine learning and visual recognition algorithms to allow your smartphone to recognize objects and images.
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Cozmo is Anki’s playful AI robot and we want one stat

by: John DyeJune 27, 2016
Cozmo is a robot designed to have a distinct personality that adapts and changes to its environment thanks to a powerful AI engine.
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Google outlines some key ways to keep an AI from taking over the world

by: John DyeJune 22, 2016
Before we create a truly powerful AI, it's important that we will be able to control it. Google has published a paper outlining some of the problems this situation presents.
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Android founder throwing in his lot with quantum computing, AI

by: John DyeJune 15, 2016
Andy Rubin is throwing his investing umph into quantum computing technologies with an eye on general purpose AI as an end result.
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Go champion of the world wants a piece of Google’s DeepMind AI

by: Darcy LaCouveeJune 6, 2016
18-year-year-old Chinese wunderkind Ke Jie says that although he underestimated Google's AlphaGo, he still believes he can take it down.
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Google making it possible to securely stop AI robots from causing harm

by: Sean KingJune 4, 2016
Worried about the robot apocalypse? Some may think it's nothing to worry about, but Google is making sure we can stop AI agents from making bad decisions.
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Elon Musk says there’s only one AI company that has him worried

by: Jimmy WestenbergJune 2, 2016
Speaking at Code Conference 2016, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says there's only one AI company that has him worried.
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Sundar Pichai talks Nexus, AI, Google Home, and EU legal issues

by: John DyeJune 1, 2016
Today Google CEO Sundar Pichai sat down to talk with Re/code about a variety of topics including the challenges facing the company over the next years.
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Google’s Magenta group aims to create AI artists and musicians

by: John DyeMay 23, 2016
Inspired by projects like Deep Dream, Google team members like Douglas Eck decided to assemble a group called Magenta to make creative AI.
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Google could unveil chat bot initiative at I/O today

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 18, 2016
Bots, bots, bots! Silicon Valley is going crazy over bots. In particular, chat bots, software designed to mimic conversations with real humans. And now Google is jumping on the bandwagon.
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