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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

by: Joe HindyApril 3, 2015
Welcome back to Android Apps Weekly! This week we talk about the release of Tomb Raider, a Facebook app called Riff, and more Android apps and games news!
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The Original Maze Runner: Pac-Man appears on Google Maps

by: Matthew BensonMarch 31, 2015
The video game invasion has finally begun! Pac-Man has been spotted running around the streets of Kyoto in it's just Google's annual April Fools gag!
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Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Samsung and HTC make the same April Fools’ Day joke

by: Jonathan FeistApril 1, 2014
It would appear that, so far this April Fools Day season, the jokes have backfired on Samsung and HTC, as both have mock-launched the same product - smartgloves. Today only, look for the Samsung Fingers and HTC Gluuv at a store near you.
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Chrome adds emoji translator for April Fools’ Day

by: Shawn IngramMarch 31, 2014
While Google’s Pokémon Challenge slipped out a day before April Fools’ Day, the Chrome team’s gag will only work on April 1, and will let you translate websites into the most important of languages: emoji. Read on for more!
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Google invites you to take the Pokemon Challenge in its latest April Fools ‘prank’

by: Andrew GrushMarch 31, 2014
In what's probably the coolest 'prank' ever, Google invites us to take on the Pokemon Challenge and do whatever it takes to catch them all!
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Android Authority On Air – Episode 58 – Nexus 4 Charging Orb Giveaway and Facebook’s New Home

by: Derek RossApril 5, 2013
The big hitters this week on Android Authority on Air was all things Facebook Phone. We covered the new HTC First, a mid-low range phone shipping with Facebook's launcher built in and Facebook Home. The HTC First isn't a bad device for the price and if you're a Facebook fan you'll probably love it. The same goes for the standalone launcher, Facebook Home. If you're heavily addicted to Facebook, it's not the worst choice in the world until you consider the advertisements and the privacy issues. Tune in to find out what we really think.
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As requested, the Android Authority iPhone 5 Torture Test Song

by: Derek RossApril 5, 2013
As requested, the Android Authority iPhone 5 Torture Test Song. Feel free to turn this into a ringtone for your favorite Android phone.
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April Fools’ day in the tech industry: roundup

by: Brendan LynchApril 2, 2013
April Fool's day in the tech industry can be chaotic, as many major companies take part in the fun. If you couldn't keep up, check out the best ones here.
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April Fools’: SwiftKey Tilt, a whole-body typing method that actually works

by: Bogdan BeleApril 1, 2013
SwiftKey Tilt is a new method of typing for smartphones, that makes typing a whole-body experience. Even if it's just an April Fools Day joke, it actually works.
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Google April Fools’ 2013 roundup: Google Nose, Gmail Blue, Google Maps Treasure Hunt, and more

by: Bogdan BeleApril 1, 2013
Google has gone out of its way to make April Fools 2013 a memorable one, with a ton of very funny pranks for users of its various services. Check out our Google April Fools Day 2013 roundup!
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