Samsung vs Apple

Samsung is still seeking other legal remedies to Apple’s $1 billion patent infringement win, among these trying to shoot down the jury’s decision because of juror misconduct. In a request to dismiss the verdict, Samsung says that jury foreman Velvin Hogan failed to disclose his bankruptcy filing in 1993, and the fact that he was sued by hard drive-maker Seagate, his former employer. Sounds far-fetched? Read on.


The Apple vs Android war is far from over – in fact we have updates on the various legal conflicts between Apple and the main Android device makers on a regular basis – but today we hear that Motorola/Google has decided to withdraw its second complaint against Apple that was recently filed with the International Trade Commission.


Samsung has added Apple’s iPhone 5 to its current patent-infringement lawsuit which it has brought against the iPhone maker in the federal court in San Jose, California. According to Samsung, the iPhone 5 infringes two standards patents and six features patents.

The two companies, who are the first and second biggest smartphone makers in the world, are currently locked in a global legal battle with each one saying it is protecting its intellectual property, designs and innovations. Lawsuits, injunctions and product bans are being filed and requested in Europe, Asia and the USA.

ipad mini vs nexus 7

In addition to the rumored Nexus-branded device(s) expected to hit stores this holiday season we have one more important mobile device that’s said to start selling this fall. Naturally, I’m talking about Apple’s unannounced iPad mini, a late arrival at the budget-friendly tablet business, but nevertheless an important player for that niche.

Tim Cook introducing the iPhone 5 (Photo credit: AP)

It’s difficult for a company to accept blame for a crappy product or service. But it’s also a good PR move to do so, which can help everyone — the company itself, customers, and the media — move on and find a resolution to the issue. In this case, the problem is Maps on iOS 6. Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledges that the company has fallen short on quality, and suggested alternatives while they fix their mapping service.