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Apple wants to add Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Note 2, Tab 2 and S3 with Jelly Bean update in its patent lawsuit

by: J. Angelo RacomaNovember 25, 2012
As the legal system would have it, patent disputes can be more complicated than they initially look. While Apple has already won in its claim against Samsung in California, both companies have been filing contentions against each other with the court, mainly to include additional products they believe would help in their case. For Apple, additional devices would mean it can seek additional damages from Samsung.
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Patent Chief claims US patent system isn’t broken

by: Joe HindyNovember 24, 2012
We were all hoping the patent system would see reform sometime in the near future. Patent Chief David J. Kappos recently spoke in Washington about the patent wars and assured the nation that the US patent system wouldn't be making any significant changes anytime soon.
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Another brick in the wall: Samsung no longer supplies batteries to Apple

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 24, 2012
If you’ve been following us over the past few weeks, you might know that the once rosy relationship between Samsung and Apple is slowly turning sour.Now news broke that Samsung will no longer sell batteries for tablets and laptops to Apple, and that the American company has switched to two Chinese manufacturers for future battery orders.
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iPhone 5, iPad mini iOS 6 source code apparently withheld by Apple in patent case against Google

by: Chris SmithNovember 23, 2012
It’s not just Samsung that’s targeting Apple’s latest iOS products in patent-based lawsuits, but Google also, which is engaged in a patent battle of its own against Apple inherited from Motorola.
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T-Mobile: iPhone’s price is too damn high

by: AdrianNovember 23, 2012
At a recent Barcelona conference, Jim Alling, COO of T-Mobile USA, touched upon a very delicate subject for T-Mo and an issue that’s thought to have been a major contributing factor to the company’s decline – Apple’s iPhones.
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Samsung goes after new iPad, iPad mini and iPod in patent war, the stakes have never been higher

by: AdrianNovember 22, 2012
After seeing the iPhone 5 included to the list of allegedly infringing Apple products last week, we’re now hearing about other new devices added to that list. Those are the new fourth-generation iPad, the latest iPod Touch and the iPad mini, so basically Apple now has to defend on its entire 2012 product line-up.
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Samsung can’t just buy HTC to settle with Apple; but gets to see Apple-HTC deal details

by: Chris SmithNovember 21, 2012
A few days ago we were somewhat surprised to hear that Apple and HTC decided to settle their squabble over patents out of courts, with both companies inking an undisclosed cross-licensing agreement that’s valid at least ten years.
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Samsung execs state that Apple iPhones can’t exist without Samsung patents

by: Joe HindyNovember 21, 2012
In the patent wars, no two players have had a bigger impact than Samsung and Apple. They've gone back and forth in multiple countries over patent disputes. Despite that, Samsung claims that Apple iPhones wouldn't exist without them.
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Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S launch rumors start filling the web

by: Chris SmithNovember 20, 2012
Open the Internet today and you’ll find a bunch of Galaxy S4-related rumors, all based on different, unconfirmed, reports, that we have covered thoroughly when they originally hit the presses.
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What’s really happening between Samsung and Apple?

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 19, 2012
With contradicting rumors flying from all directions, the relationship between Apple and Samsung is as confusing as it is strange. What will happen between the two tech titans in the next months?
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