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Tablet market wars: will Google defeat Apple this holiday season?

by: Varun RajDecember 8, 2012
The last month of last quarter brings huge expectations for tech sales. The tablet computers being the most in demand this year, tough competition is being posed to Apple by rival company Google. Who do you think will capture the tablet market throne this year? Read on for what retailers think.
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Apple and Google are teaming up to bid $500M for Kodak patents

by: J. Angelo RacomaDecember 8, 2012
In the name of business, your enemy today might be your friend tomorrow, if you both can work out a mutually beneficial deal. In line with this, Google and Apple -- supposedly arch-rivals in the mobile operating system field -- are teaming up to secure a big patent portfolio that Kodak is setting up for grabs.
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Apple’s “Steve Jobs” multi-touch patent deemed invalid by USPTO, judgment not final yet

by: Chris SmithDecember 8, 2012
After recently invalidating Apple’s “rubber-banding” patent, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is back at it with another similar ruling. While not final, the new USPTO verdict says that Apple’s “Steve Jobs” multi-touch patent (U.S. Patent No. 7,479,949) has also been invalidated.
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Apple iPhone 5 vs Sony Xperia T

by: Alvin YbañezDecember 8, 2012
Both the Apple iPhone 5 and the Sony Xperia T are great phones, but how do they fare against each other? What are their strengths and shortcomings? Which one you should pick up this holiday season? Find out in our post.
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FTC sides with Apple on Google’s attempt to iPhone and iPad

by: Varun RajDecember 7, 2012
FTC says that the ban the Google requested would be harmful to consumers, and it would also damage innovation and result in increased costs and uncertainty for other companies. In a statement, the Commission said that using SEP-based injunctions against competitors is equivalent to a 'patent hold up'.
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T-Mobile iPhone 5/5S coming next year, what does it mean for Android?

by: Chris SmithDecember 6, 2012
Just a few days ago we told you that T-Mobile was likely to announce a partnership with Apple in the very near future – or better said the launch of the iPhone 5 with the fourth largest carrier in the country – and it looks like that has sort of happened.
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Samsung and Apple back in court today

by: Andrew GrushDecember 6, 2012
As expected, Samsung and Apple are returning to Judge Lucy Koh's courtroom. At today's hearing, Apple hopes to convince the court to block a total of 26 Samsung items from being sold.
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25 app developers take home 50% revenue from total App Store and Play Store sales, study says

by: Varun RajDecember 6, 2012
The mobile applications available for both Android and iOS alone make up a billion dollar market and provide a huge opportunity for big as well as small developers, because the possibilities of creating apps for such powerful and immensely popular platforms are limitless.
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Apple-HTC settlement now public but heavily redacted

by: Chris SmithDecember 6, 2012
In case you forgot, Apple and Samsung are about to face each other in U.S. courts again in a new episode of the first lawsuit between the two companies in the country. Earlier this summer Apple was awarded a favorable verdict, with the jury saying that Samsung has to pay $1.05 billion in damages to the iPhone maker.
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Court orders HTC and Apple to reveal patents covered in their agreement

by: Andrew GrushDecember 5, 2012
While Samsung and Apple’s patent war continues to wage on, HTC and Apple settled their differences last month with a ten-year patent licensing deal. Now a court in California has ordered that the HTC-Apple patent agreement must be disclosed in the upcoming Samsung-Apple hearing on December 6th.
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