Apple CEO Tim Cook ‘extremely sorry’ for iOS Maps, recommends Google Maps and other alternatives

Tim Cook introducing the iPhone 5 (Photo credit: AP)
by 1 year ago

It’s difficult for a company to accept blame for a crappy product or service. But it’s also a good PR move to do so, which can help everyone — the company itself, customers, and the media — move on and find a resolution to the issue. In this case, the problem is Maps on iOS 6. Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledges that the company has fallen short on quality, and suggested alternatives while they fix their mapping service.

Soaked and scuffed: iPhone 5 torture test

iphone 5 torture test coffee
by 1 year ago

Torture test time! We abused the new iPhone 5, to see how it would fare in real life. We drenched it in hot coffee. We put in our homemade pocket simulator to see how it withstands the assault of keys, coins, and other scuff-inducing items. Finally, we submerged it in water for 15 seconds. Check it out.

Amazon says “app store” is a generic term, and not owned by Apple

by 1 year ago

Apple says the use of “app store” was confusing, and that consumers are misled to think the Amazon Appstore sold iOS apps. Apple would have wanted Amazon to use “Amazon Appstore for Android” instead. Amazon has recently requested a federal judge to through out this “false advertising” claim, citing that even Apple’s CEO refers to application marketplaces as “app stores” in General.

Google Street View coming soon to mobile web version of Google Maps

Google Street View-w630
by 1 year ago

Google is still actively maintaining the mobile web version of Google Maps. Yes, that’s HTML5, and this means it’s cross-platform (assuming you have a compatible browser). If you’re using an iOS device or any other mobile devices with a capable browser, just fire up mobile Safari and head on to Is this an acceptable alternative to the native app — on Android, iOS and other platforms?

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 ads reloaded: Samsung releases NYC and San Francisco TV commercial versions

by 1 year ago

A week ago, Samsung launched its new TV ads that promote the Galaxy S3 at the expense of the iPhone 5. The commercial, which we knew it was in production for a while now, adhered to the same scenario: Samsung poking fun at Apple’s customers that line up in front of stores to get the latest iPhone while reminding everyone that “the next big thing is already here.”