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Why are smartphone companies losing their market value? An inside look at the smartphone industry.

With Apple and Samsung stock prices struggling, and as HTC failed to meet its revenue targets, we examine the current state of the smartphone industry.
by Robert TriggsJuly 5, 20136

Android remains king in the US, but Apple is still the largest manufacturer

New statistics from comScore show that Android is still the biggest smartphone platform in the US, but Apple retained the largest individual market share of any manufacturer.
by Robert TriggsJuly 1, 201311

Android rivalry: in the UK, 38 percent of Xperia Z users left Samsung

According to UK market research by Kantar, Sony has been stealing users away from Samsung, with an estimated 38 percent of Xperia Z buyers owning a Samsung device before.
by Bogdan PetrovanJuly 1, 201327

Apple finally signs deal with TSMC to move away from Samsung – WSJ

TSMC will make some of the chips going into Apple’s products starting with 2014. But Samsung will still provide Apple with processors in 2014, as well as displays and memory modules.
by Bogdan PetrovanJune 29, 201331

HTC and Samsung smartphones have higher subsidy ratios than the iPhone

HTC and Samsung smartphones have higher subsidy ratios than the iPhone Read on to find out why!
by Adam KoueiderJune 29, 201326

The five reasons why Android is killing Apple

iOS7 proves one thing: that Apple is committed to the same stale business practices which have seen Android overtake Apple in almost every market. So here are my 5 reasons why Android ...
by Robert TriggsJune 28, 2013169

Judge denies Apple’s request to add the Galaxy S4 to its 2014 patent trial

It seems that a Judge has denied Apple's request to tack the Samsung Galaxy S4 on to Apple's upcoming 2014 court battle with Samsung. Read on to learn more!
by Andrew GrushJune 27, 201311

Sony to extend SmartWatch line with a variety of models and price ranges?

Sources in the Taiwanese electronics industry claim that Sony is gearing up to launch more variants of the SmartWatch, to accommodate more budgets and market segments.
by Bogdan PetrovanJune 27, 2013

Huawei CEO: the “Galaxy S4 is just a so-so smartphone”, we will be third by 2015

Huawei's CEO has stated that the company is aiming to secure third place in the global smartphone market, and also suggested that Samsung and Apple produce inferior products.
by Robert TriggsJune 24, 201318

Could Android ever become the dominant PC operating system?

In this week's Friday Debate, we discuss the potential of Android as a PC operating system. Could Android ever take the place of Windows, OSX, or Linux? Should Google even try to turn ...
by Bogdan PetrovanJune 21, 201323
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