Apple gets stay over ban of iPhone and iPad in South Korea

Samsung vs Apple
by 1 year ago

Back in August, a Seoul court ruled that both Apple and Samsung did indeed infringe on one another’s patents. As a result, both companies ultimately had several devices banned. Apple of course filed to delay the ban of the company’s iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately for Samsung, Apple’s request has been granted.

Apple scores third ‘slide-to-unlock’ patent, now with more slide

by 1 year ago

Android users know that “slide-to-unlock” stands for two things in the smart mobile world we live in, a software utility made popular by Apple to unlock the display of the iPhone and then used by various Android device makers for the same purpose on their phones and a patented weapon in court for Apple to go after the same competitors.

Google and Apple spend more on patents than on R&D

by 1 year ago

In 2011 Google and Apple both spent more money on patents than they did on research and development. The result is stifling innovation instead of encouraging it and, as usual, we, the consumers, have to suffer the consequences in terms of higher prices and limited features.

iPad mini, Razer’s Project Fiona confirmed for production

iPad Mini Concept
by 1 year ago

Android tablets are about to get new competitors in the near and distant future, some of them running iOS 6 while others will have Windows 8 under the hood. Today I’m specifically talking about Apple’s iPad mini and Razer’s Project Fiona, as both have been confirmed for production.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 5 video comparison

note 2 vs iphone 5
by 1 year ago

How do you compare two devices that are as different as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the iPhone 5? The simple answer is you don’t. But many people still want to see how the two top smartphones of the moment fare against each other, even if they are polar opposites in terms of… well, everything.