Is Android just for poor people?

by 1 year ago

The argument that Android is popular because it’s cheap rather than because it is good has been bouncing around the interwebs for years now. Is the platform’s success based on price?

Apple wants to add Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Note 2, Tab 2 and S3 with Jelly Bean update in its patent lawsuit

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
by 1 year ago

As the legal system would have it, patent disputes can be more complicated than they initially look. While Apple has already won in its claim against Samsung in California, both companies have been filing contentions against each other with the court, mainly to include additional products they believe would help in their case. For Apple, additional devices would mean it can seek additional damages from Samsung.

ITC to review patent judgement that earlier favored Apple

Apple vs Samsung
by 1 year ago

The International Trade Commission will review an earlier decision by a judge that has ruled in favor of Apple in a patent infringement case filed by Samsung. If overturned, this could potentially mean that Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad may be banned from being sold within the United States.

Report: Anonymous Samsung exec denies Apple processor price hike

by 1 year ago

After rumors of Samsung increasing the price of its services, a Korean publication reported today that Samsung has not in fact raised the price of its manufacturing services. The source is another anonymous executive of Samsung Electronics, who also said that the prices are set at the beginning of the year, and that there’s no easy way to change them mid-agreement.

Samsung doesn’t give up: Judge Koh will see if foreman in billion dollar trial hid information

by 1 year ago

You gotta hand it to Samsung – a devastating verdict like the one served against the Koreans this summer might have brought other companies to their knees. But Samsung isn’t ready to give up the fight just yet, and is exploring every last option available, including pushing to have the verdict overturned by Judge Koh on grounds of jury misconduct.