Apple vs Samsung: new round in global patent war kicks off in Australia

by 1 year ago

I know what you’re thinking – another patent trial between Samsung and Apple, who cares? Well, as the recent HTC One X/EVO 4G LTE Customs hold up and the ban on the Galaxy Nexus (lifted, for now) show, we are all pretty much exposed to the effects of the patent wars. Until something is done about it, we need to pay attention. The latest trial between arch-frenemies Apple and Samsung has begun today in Australia. Apple is claiming that the Koreans are infringing its patents on touchscreen technology in the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung has countersued, alleging that Apple’s products…

Apple, Google to appear in front of judge in U.S. Apple vs Motorola case

by 2 years ago

Apple in involved in a rather complex war against Android on multiple fronts. The company is suing prominent Android makers such as Motorola, Samsung and HTC in various worldwide markets alleging that they’re infringing certain patents related to iPhone, iPad and iOS. On their part, those companies are countersuing Apple and bringing their own patent claims to courts, with Google not having been directly involved in any of these lawsuits until now. As many of you already know, Google has been recently approved to purchase Motorola and the Search giant will now be actively involved in Motorola’s legal battles with…

Judge changes his mind in Apple vs Motorola patent battle, grants hearing for next week

Court in session
by 2 years ago

Did we tell you so or not? Just last week we reported on Judge Richard Posner’s tentative ruling in a US patent case between Motorola and Apple that seemed to seal the deal and refuse both parties the chance to go up against each other in court. However, as we informed you at the time, the Judge’s tentative ruling was only provisional, and His Honor himself admitted that he could change his mind. Well, that’s exactly what happened a week later, when the much awaited final ruling on the case turned into an order granting Apple’s request for an injunction…

The source code of Android on the Galaxy Nexus deemed “trade secret” by Google

by 2 years ago

I’m sure that most of our readers already know that Apple and Google are (and will continue to be for a while) involved in a number of lawsuits pertaining to various patents that one company or the other is supposedly breaking. What many might not know is that, in a number of cases, Apple has requested to learn information about Google’s services and software just so they can sue the search giant for supposedly breaking other patents after analyzing the data. The latest of these requests, made by Apple as part of the motion for preliminary injunction against the latest…

Apple: We Want $5-$15 for Every Android Device You Sell

by 2 years ago

Amidst the ongoing courtroom drama between Apple and a number of Android manufacturers, from Samsung to Motorola, Dow Jones Newswire reported that Cupertino is set to extend an olive branch to its patent rivals, which may just bring an end to the ongoing legal war of attrition. An insider familiar with the case said that Apple is ready to make peace and cut some deals with Android OEMs, which will see Apple collecting a licensing fee of 1% to 2.4% from the net sales, for each Android device manufactured by Samsung and Motorola. Such a licensing agreement would put the royalties payment at…