2012: Year of the Patent

by 1 year ago

Everywhere you looked some huge tech company was suing another or purchasing a company for its patents in 2012. While Apple vs. Samsung was the biggest story, it may not prove to be the most important.

State of the mobile industry: Ecosystems

by 1 year ago

As we all know, the mobile landscape is stiff with competing ecosystems. With Android and Apple leading the way, Windows is intent on making a strong showing. Amazon has their own ecosystem, but can something so tightly controlled be a long-term success? While we may never see a truly dominant ecosystem, the new battleground that is mobile will be a vital one to gain the lead.

The iPad mini is no threat to budget Android tablets

by 1 year ago

The iPad mini is not a “budget” tablet at all. With prices starting at $329 the budget Android tablet manufacturers can rest easy. The iPad mini is just another underwhelming, expensive release from Apple and this time it is a late entrant to a segment of the tablet market that is really starting to take off.

Best Buy survey: malfunction, not confusion, was the primary reason customers returned the Galaxy Tab

by 1 year ago

As childish as they might seem to most of us, the legal quarrels between Apple and Samsung, Motorola and Microsoft, HTC and Apple and so on and so forth do have one thing going for them. In their attempt to avoid injunctions, bans, or financial penalties, the involved parties need to pull out all stops, meaning we get access to all kinds of exclusive or novel information, which might have never become public otherwise. Less than a couple of weeks ago, we heard that Apple was preparing a heavy blow against Samsung to prove the design similarities between the iPad…

Both Motorola and Apple appeal last month’s dismissal ruling by Judge Posner

by 2 years ago

Judge Richard A. Posner is one of America’s leading legal minds, a prodigious author, and a foremost authority in the jurisprudence of economics. He is also an outspoken critic of the current patent system, which he thinks it’s in dire need of a reform. If you are interested in reading Posner’s sharp analysis of the patent system in America, I suggest his great article in The Atlantic. When last month Judge Posner dismissed a complicated legal case between Apple and Motorola (a Google subsidiary) with prejudice (meaning that the lawsuit cannot be resubmitted), not many legal experts were surprised. However,…