Apple iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

by 1 year ago

I don’t know why, but whenever a new Android flagship gets officially announced, almost every single person that has ever owned a smartphone starts comparing that smartphone with the latest version of Apple’s iPhone. If it’s a Samsung smartphone, the situation gets even worse. Add into context the latest legal showdown between Samsung and Apple, and you’ll understand why, the moment Samsung has officially announced all the details regarding its Samsung Galaxy Note 2, everyone started comparing this second gen phablet to the iPhone 4S in the back of their minds. Just in case you happen to fall into this…

UK folks: Got a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note? Trade in your old iPhone 4 – or others – for a free Galaxy Tab 2

by 1 year ago

So here’s an interesting offer that Samsung currently has for UK peeps. They figure that since you you’re already sporting a Galaxy S3 and/or Galaxy Note — or planning to buy either of the two real soon — you won’t have much use for your older but still working phone. Instead of letting it sit and gather dust, you can trade it in for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 or 10.1.

Sony Xperia S vs Apple iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy 3 vs HTC One X: Camera Fight!

Xperia S vs iPhone 4S vs S3 vs One X
by 2 years ago

The advent of the smartphone has changed not only the way we communicate, but the way we go about our daily lives. The newspaper is now on your phone. High-speed internet capabilities and HD displays makes watching movies and TV shows on your handheld device an amazing experience. Your smartphone doubles as an mp3 player. The large number of games, along with all these features, means never being bored during a long wait. For the adventurous, you have your maps, compass apps, and even sky charts, if you’re into that sort of thing. And to capture all those amazing moments…

HTC One X and iPhone 4S pitted against each other in camera face off

by 2 years ago

The One X is HTC’s new flagship and, even though it hasn’t yet been made available in the United States and most other important markets, is one of the hottest Android handsets around. With a Tegra 3 quad-core processor under the hood, a very thin body, and a sophisticated and stylish look, the One X is certainly one of Android’s biggest  hopes in the everlasting battle against the iPhone. But aside from the awesome performance and cool looks, the guys at HTC are also confident that they’ll make a difference with the rear-facing camera on the One X, a camera that…

Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE vs Apple iPhone 4S

by 2 years ago

So, what do we have here – two very popular super phones that have loyal, if not rabid, followings. These are the phones that have helped redefine what a flagship device should be — and what it should be able to bring to the consumer’s table. More than just a reminiscent of past glory, each adds something new to what may seem like an old shell. But haven’t you heard before how looks can be deceiving? Find out how the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE and Apple iPhone 4S stack up against each other. At this stage in the game,…