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Best Buy says some Galaxy Tab 10.1 buyers thought they purchased iPads, returned the Android tablets

Things continue to look not-so-good for Samsung in its complicated patent-based lawsuit against Apple. The two giants are going to face each other ...
by Chris SmithJuly 27, 201235

Apple says Google told Samsung that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 looked too much like the iPad

The Apple vs Samsung patent-based U.S. case is set to start on July 30, but until then we already have various tidbits to show you from the cases ...
by Chris SmithJuly 27, 20126

Apple won’t have to bare the shame of acknowledging that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad. For now

As you might now, Apple suffered a humiliating defeat in court a couple of weeks back, when British judge Colin Birss ruled that Samsung has not infringed on the design of ...
by Bogdan PetrovanJuly 27, 20125

Galaxy S3 universal search coming back in new update, at least in some markets

In a move meant to prevent potential legal actions from Apple, Samsung updated U.S. Galaxy S3 versions to remove the universal search feature – an ...
by Chris SmithJuly 26, 20122

What Samsung will try to prove in the U.S. patent case against Apple

It looks like the summer will be very hot when it comes to patent disputes, with the main attraction of this circus show being the Apple vs ...
by Chris SmithJuly 26, 20129

Apple wins “adverse inference jury instruction” in U.S. patent case against Samsung

In case you’re not aware of it, Apple and Samsung are embroiled in a complex legal patent-based battle that spans across four continents, in 10 ...
by Chris SmithJuly 26, 20121

Apple Q3 FY2012: 26 million iPhones and 17 million iPads sales, $35 billion revenue and $8.8 billion profits

Apple on Tuesday announced its financial results for its third quarter of fiscal year 2012 – which corresponds to the second quarter of the year, ...
by Chris SmithJuly 24, 2012

Apple wants $2.525 billion from Samsung in damages, but prefers injunctions against allegedly infringing products

It looks like it’s Super Tuesday today when it comes to legal matters here at Android Authority. We talked just earlier today about Apple’s and ...
by Chris SmithJuly 24, 201218

Apple, Samsung fail to reach common ground in new top execs mediation meeting

Whether you use their products or not, you surely must be aware of the gigantic legal conflict between Apple and Samsung, as the two companies are ...
by Chris SmithJuly 24, 2012

Samsung gets another hit – Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction remains in place

While some laughed at Apple’s patent attacks against Samsung, which seemed like losing battles from the get-go, the joke is starting to be on Sammy. After some relatively ...
by AdrianJuly 23, 20126
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