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2 articles

Samsung attacks Apple in court for destroying, tampering with evidence

With just a few days to go until the U.S. Apple vs Samsung patent case kicked off, Samsung was awarded yet another unfavorable verdict in the ...
by Chris SmithAugust 7, 20123

iPhone-based “Crisis of Design” inside Samsung, company memo reveals

The U.S. Apple vs Samsung patent war marches forward, and after having seen the obvious similarities between some of the default app icons found ...
by Chris SmithAugust 7, 20125

Google, Apple start bidding for Kodak’s digital patents

WSJ reported yesterday that Kodak’s upcoming patent auction already has 2 bidders: Google and Apple, and each has bids between $150 million ...
by LucianAugust 7, 20122

Samsung allegedly copied iPhone app icons too, Apple says and it may be right

The U.S. Apple vs Samsung trial continues today with new testimonies and evidence submitted by each party to make it case. We’re going to share ...
by Chris SmithAugust 6, 201232

7-inch iPad Mini mentioned in internal Apple Galaxy Tab email [screenshot]

A couple a days ago we talked about two important testimonies in the U.S. Apple vs Samsung court, Phil Shiller’s and Scott Forstall’s. Both are ...
by Chris SmithAugust 5, 20121

Scott Forstall testimony: Apple hiring, iPhone Fight Club team, Samsung design and 7-inch iPad

The U.S. Apple vs Samsung trial continued its proceedings today with Judge Lucy Koh scolding the two parties for their “theatrics” and “sideshows” ...
by Chris SmithAugust 3, 20123

Phil Shiller testimony: iPhone, iPad creation and customer surveys, Samsung copying skills and iPhone 5 design secrecy

The U.S. Apple vs Samsung trial continued today after Judge Lucy Koh ruled on certain motions and objections from both parties with the testimony ...
by Chris SmithAugust 3, 20123

Judge doesn’t punish Samsung for press leak in Apple patent case, warns against any other “theatrics or sideshows”

The U.S. Apple vs Samsung trial resumed its proceedings today, but before the two parties could go forward with the testimonies of Apple’s top ...
by Chris SmithAugust 3, 20126

iPhone, iPad sales numbers to be unveiled in court by Samsung, Apple doesn’t want that

It’s a new day today, which means we’re going to turn a new page in the U.S. Apple vs Samsung trial. The case, scheduled to go forward today with ...
by Chris SmithAugust 3, 20123

HTC forecasts another bad quarter, as China remains its last growing market

To get an idea of how the smartphone business is these days, consider that Samsung is one of the few manufacturers that had positive figures to show to shareholders in the ...
by Bogdan PetrovanAugust 3, 20121
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