Samsung Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S

by 2 years ago

The Samsung Galaxy S2 faces stiff competition not just with fellow Android smartphones such as the Motorola DROID Bionic but also with Apple’s recently launched iPhone 4S. The Samsung blockbuster Android smartphone remains an uncontested best-seller worldwide – with one being sold every second at this point in time. In this comparison review, Android Authority gives you a quick view of some of the neat major features–and weak points–of both the iPhone 4S and the global variant of the Samsung Galaxy S2. Which of these two phones is the David and which one is the Goliath? Read on to find…

Why Apple Is Very Afraid Of Samsung

by 2 years ago

There have been many articles floating around in cyberspace about Apple fearing Samsung, and yet, there are none like the one you are about to read. Most of them will talk about patents; I prefer to talk about facts. Here’s my two cents on this issue. Samsung Is Bigger Than You Think Ask any Tom, Dick, Harry or Jane – “what does Samsung make?” – and the general response will be “electronics”. Is that so? The truth is, Samsung is involved in much more than just mobile phones and electronics. They are a massive company in Korea, and they are…

Android Holds 44% of U.S. Smartphone Market; Samsung Still Top OEM

by 2 years ago

Latest results of the comScore MobiLens service released just this week show a continuing trend of Android and Samsung dominance in the U.S. smartphone and mobile devices markets. Android continues to stay at the top of the platform race, registering 43.7% share of the U.S. smartphone market for the 3-month average ending in August, 2011. Android’s market share grew by 5.6 points from the last 3-month average ending in May this year and up by 1.9 points from the July results. comScore’s data also show that Apple is still crawling along, gaining a mere 0.7 points from May to August…

Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime) vs iPhone 4S: Impending Superphone Armageddon [Updated]

by 2 years ago

[ Update 2011-10-05: Apple has just officially announced what everyone was hoping to be the iPhone 5 as the iPhone 4S.  And, we now have official details about the iPhone 4S's specs. This post, first published on August 12, has been updated to reflect new information not just about the iPhone 4S but also of the Nexus Prime, whose official specs still remain unconfirmed and unannounced. ] The tech world does not have any definitive word yet regarding the specifics of Google’s upcoming Nexus Prime (also rumored to be named Nexus 3, Nexus Plus, Samsung DROID Prime, or Samsung Galaxy…

Samsung, Verizon and T-Mobile Bringing The Heat Down On Apple

by 2 years ago

A one-of-a-kind love triangle is trying to bring the fruit-inspired tech company down. We all know how Apple started this legal battle against Samsung and the former recently filed an appeal to put off importation of such Android-powered Samsung phones into the US. Samsung was fortunate enough to get support from Verizon and T-Mobile. The two companies joined forces by seeking an adviser from the Federal Court for the Northern District of California and filed an appeal in relation to Samsung’s ongoing copyright claims. Even though both appeals were already accepted, the court’s response is yet to be determined. Apple…

Samsung and Apple Battle Over The Asian Market

by 2 years ago

Apple Inc .and Samsung Electronics Co. have been waging a war against each other, trying to prove which one can provide 100 percent customer satisfaction in Seoul, Korea. But with the fast growing market of Apple’s iPhone, it won’t be long until the company will beat Samsung over its Asian customers. The two firms have been battling over the claim of being the best provider and manufacturer of tablets and smartphone since April of this year. Unfortunately for Samsung, Apple has proven yet again its superiority by successfully blocking Samsung phones and tablets in other countries such as Netherlands and…

Samsung Outsmarts Apple, Routes Around German Injunction

by 2 years ago

The drama continues. While Apple may have just won a permanent injunction over the Galaxy Tab 10.1, it seems things are not so clear cut, and actually Samsung can pretty easily route around that injunction. You see, Samsung is not allowed to use their German subsidiary to sell or re-stock the German retailers with the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but Samsung can easily circumvent that by using either their subsidiary in Netherlands to sell to them, or even the South Korean one. And this seems to actually work, as it doesn’t seem to be a problem for retailers to re-stock their…

Samsung Loses German Case Because of Their “Minimalist, Modern Design and Round Edges”

by 2 years ago

About a month ago Apple was granted a preliminary injunction by a German district Court over Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, on the grounds that it’s virtually indistinguishable from the iPad, and while that may not be the case so much in reality, they did try to make it look like it is on paper. But Apple did manage to win the injunction case, and now Samsung is forbidden to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 anywhere in Germany, and they are also not allowed to sell it anywhere in Europe from their German subsidiary, but they can continue to sell to…

Apple Rains on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7’s Parade at IFA 2011

by 2 years ago

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 lost its chance to be on the shelf with other latest gadgets in one of the world’s largest electronics shows after Apple won another injunction impeding Samsung Galaxy Tab sales in Germany. The device was pulled out of Samsung’s booth at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA 2011), an international consumer electronics expo in Berlin. The Dusseldorf Regional Court granted Apple’s request to temporarily ban Samsung sales and marketing of their products last September 2, 2011. The grant allowed Apple, Samsung’s closest rival, to remove the newly released Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 from the display area at…

Samsung Gets A Reprieve For The Galaxy Tab

by 2 years ago

We’ve already talked about Samsung’s legal troubles before. But it seems the Korean company has managed to get a little break from its problems with Apple over the legal wrangling about the Galaxy Tab 10.1. A German court has lifted a few of the restrictions on sales of the tablet in the European Union. As a brief refresher on the issue, here’s what happened so far: Apple filed a suit against Samsung because supposedly the Korean company’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 was just a cheap knock off the iPad 2. At the beginning of the case though, a German court let…