Swipe Launcher: App launcher using swipe-up gestures

by 1 year ago

When you own an Android device, you are assured of performing functions with much ease and convenience. That is one advantage of owning a very capable gadget, such as a tablet or a smartphone, all the more when the OS your device is running on is no other than Android. With the launch of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, people have been very much eager and excited to try out the features that this OS has. Google Now is a much-coveted feature and launching it using the swipe-up gesture adds more to the feature’s flair. This time though, we won’t be…

Nova Launcher 1.1: Customization and speed at their finest

by 2 years ago

If you’ve been around the Android development community for some time, chances are you’ve found the advantages of a custom launcher. There are a number to choose from but only a few really stand out to be long-time favorites. If you want to try a launcher that promises both great performance and high-level customization, then you’ll want to try Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher is a performance-driven custom launcher for Android and it is highly customizable, offering several customization options. Nova Launcher isn’t missing out on the aesthetics either. It features a very slick and sophisticated interface that may be on…