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Team Kang brings Navigation Bar customization with AOKP build 30

by: Ankit BanerjeeApril 9, 2012

One of the biggest selling point of Android is its open source nature, that allows users to customize the OS to suit their own needs. Of course this requires a certain degree of technical competency that a lot of “regular” users lack. Luckily, actual “computer scientists” have been working hard to create custom ROMs for the everyday user to enjoy.

One such group of custom ROM creators is Team Kang, responsible for bringing to you the Android Open Kang Project (AOKP). The AOKP ROMs provide extensive customization and have gone from strength-to-strength in over 30 builds, to become one of the most popular Android custom ROMs around.

If you [...]

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T-Mobile G2X Gets AOKP ROM, Based on Ice Cream Sandwich

by: Richard GutierrezMarch 9, 2012
AOKP ROM is getting popular and almost every developers have ported it to their phone including the the T-mobile G2x user Whitehawkx of XDA Developers Forum. The ROM is based on Ice Cream Sandwich, with this your phone gets more speed, smooth performance and customize option.If you want to try this ROM, just follow the simple steps below.
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AOKP ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 [Ice Cream Sandwich]

by: Richard GutierrezMarch 3, 2012
Ever since the AOKP ROM was release it became an instant hit and all developers are starting to port it in their devices because of its features like having faster performance, including the ROM Control Mod which you can use to customize your phone easily. This ROM is still in beta stage so expect to see some bugs to go along with it, but its perfect for daily phone usage.
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AOKP ROM Ported to Transformer Prime [ICS]

by: Richard GutierrezMarch 3, 2012
Asus Transformer Prime users will be happy with the new addition of this custom ROM called Android Open Kang Project also known as AOKP, Thanks to youngnex of XDA Developers Forum who ported the ROM. This AOKP ROM brings fast Performance and has a new feature called ROM Control Mod that lets you customize your user interface easily. As all custom ROMs this is not yet fully stable so expect some bugs like the following below.
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Update Galaxy Tab 7″ to Ice Cream Sandwich Unofficially with AOKP Custom ROM

by: Richard GutierrezMarch 3, 2012
Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 users will be happy to know that their device will get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich ROM. This is made possible by stimpz0r of XDA Developers Forum who ported the AOKP ROM. With this ROM you'll have a Faster device and it has a new feature called ROM Control Mod which can help you customize your device easily.
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