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Angry Birds are on their way to Mars

by: AdrianAugust 6, 2012

We all love our evil wingless pig-tormenting birds, don’t we? Of course we do, or else the latest Angry Birds installment, “Space”, wouldn’t have made it to 100 million downloads in just two and a half months. And the series wouldn’t have reached the billion download mark either.

And because Rovio, the developing studio behind AB’s monstrous success, has made a habit of releasing frequent updates to the franchise, it should come as no surprise that we should get our Android gadgets ready for a new Angry Birds title.

Called Angry Birds Space: Red Planet, the new game will be released “in the fall”, but details about its “storyline” are slim at the moment. [...]

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Amazing Alex coming in July to Android, first non Angry Birds game from Rovio

by: Chris SmithJuly 1, 2012

Rovio may have cashed in on its very addictive Angry Birds franchise, but the company is determined to impress its customers with other games as well. One such game is Amazing Alex, also a physics puzzler, which will be available on Android and iOS devices starting with July.

Alex is a kid that likes to “turn everything into adventure,” and adventure you shall experience on your Android device. The game will pack “100 challenging levels” and users will be able to create their own levels and share them with friends, thus challenging everyone else to solve even more mysteries.

Unfortunately we don’t have a firm release date for the [...]

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Angry Birds Seasons update ‘Piglantis’ now available

by: Shaleen SinhaJune 18, 2012

Like clockwork, Rovio has rolled out a new Angry Birds Seasons update titled Piglantis, named after an Atlantis-like city inhabited with, you guessed it, pigs. The last update to the Seasons series was Cherry Blossoms, which came out in early March.

The new Angry Birds Seasons (v 2.4.0) adds 30 all-new aquatic levels to the mix that take gamers to the beaches of Piglantis. With a remarkably fresh underwater physics engine, the update offers some new interesting challenges. You can launch your birds into and out of the wide-open ocean, in your quest to destroy those annoying pigs. Piglantis comes with a new soundtrack to suite the maritime scenery. For birds, ice, and [...]

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Rage of Bahamut shows that Android apps can make just as much money as on iOS

by: LucianJune 15, 2012

We’ve heard plenty of times in the past about how Android doesn’t make as much money for developers as iOS, and some examples raised valid points, like the fact that there are not as many Google Wallet/Checkout users as there are iTunes account users. Therefore in theory, fewer people bother to pay for an app. There were also some very misleading ones that used data from 2010, when Android was still much smaller in quarterly sales, but even more importantly in total user base, and the data used is somehow supposed to prove that Android is not making money for developers now.

First off, I still believe the Play Store hasn’t reached the same level of [...]

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Angry Birds Space update brings 10 new delicious Utopia levels

by: Bams SadewoJune 11, 2012

Fresh off the heels of announcing that Angry Birds Space has hit the 100 million download mark, Rovio decided to treat the fans with some delectable new levels that are filled with popcorn, cookies, and candy apples. Get ready to enter the 4th episode of Angry Birds Space, the Utopia.

The Utopia marks the first time that there is more than one planet design in a single episode. You’ll get to feast your eyes on planets that resemble a cookie, a doughnut, a key lime pie, a jelly planet, and a caramel apple. Your main nemesis on the Utopia is the Fat Pig. And similar to how the ice meteors can split into several parts in the previous episode, you’ll find the popcorn [...]

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UK company involved in fake apps scam fined $78,000, told to refund money

by: Gary SimsMay 25, 2012

Unsuspecting victims of fake versions of Angry Birds, Assassin’s Creed and Cut the Rope, posted on third party Android app stores, will be getting their money back, after the UK phone regulator PhonepayPlus took action against the premium rate number provider, A1 Agregator Limited.

The fake apps contained malware which charged vicitm’s £15 ($23) every time one of the apps was opened. The malware did this by sending three £5 premium rate texts. Once they were sent, the malware hid the sent and received messages that would normally notify the user that the text incurred a charge. The first time victims would know about the scam was when they received their [...]

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Rovio posted $106.3 million revenue in 2011, aiming an IPO next year

by: Bams SadewoMay 10, 2012

It’s amazing what one huge hit can do for the fortunes of a company. Rovio, the Finnish game developer behind the Angry Birds series, has reported revenues of $106.3 million in 2011, an amazing 963% of the revenue posted in the previous year. Interestingly, Rovio says that 30% of its total revenues came from its ever-expanding consumer products line, which includes anything from clothes and toys, to candy and other merchandise.

By the end of 2011, the company has clocked 648 million total downloads across its game lineup, an impressive figure that has grew since then to reach 1 billion! Rovio announced yesterday that their Angry Birds franchise reached the staggering 1 [...]

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Angry Birds launches into orbit, rockets to the top of the charts in 28 countries

by: Ankit BanerjeeMarch 23, 2012

Angry Birds developer Rovio certainly went all out with their marketing for their hit game’s newest edition, Angry Birds Space.

How out?

Its announcement was beamed to Earth from the International Space Station. On launch day, Seattle’s Space Needle tower was turned into a giant slingshot. This edition is also being promoted through partnerships with NASA, National Geographic, Samsung, Walmart and Nickelodeon, to name only the largest partners.

That out.

With the entire Angry Birds series accruing over 700 million downloads, the pressure on Rovio to go above and beyond, was, well, of astronomical proportions.

But the super-massive [...]

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Quick review: Angry Birds Space, the best in the series

by: SamMarch 22, 2012

The Angry Birds are back, and so are their enemies, the green pigs! The birds have taken flight into outer space, but that still isn’t enough to avoid the pigs, who use spaceships to steal the Angry Bird’s eggs. You know the drill by now. It’s time to deal some payback, but with astrophysics!

I’ve been playing Angry Birds Space for about an hour now, and I am thoroughly impressed. In fact I think this is the best version of Angry Birds that Rovio has ever released.

What’s New?

As you’ll soon see if you give ABS a try, the physics of the game have been entirely done over. There are two types of “space”, best [...]

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Rumor: Angry Birds + KISS Partnership

by: Christine TorralbaFebruary 8, 2012

Who’s tired of the same old deal with Angry Birds and its Angry Birds Seasons app? If you are, we’re hearing something fresh! Rumor as it, Angry Birds will be collaborating with KISS—yes, the metal band KISS. Although nothing’s been finalized yet, THE Gene Simmons (KISS’s frontman) supposedly spilled the beans about this possible tandem.

So where will KISS be making an appearance on the highly popular game? Well, it seems like the faces of this new Angry Birds version will be painted with KISS members. Android Community has made a mock up photo on how this idea could turn out to be.

Considering the band is no longer as huge as they used to be, we only [...]

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