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This year, giving the gift of Android, on the cheap, starts with our list of best Android smartwatches. Here’s what you need to know about the top choices.


Do you think that wearable devices, whether it’s glasses, watches, or clothing, could be the next big thing in tech? Would you replace your smartphone with a wearable Android device?


If you were planning to show off your pre-ordered Pebble smartwatch to friends and family by September, you’d better have a back-up plan. The shipment for Kickstarter’s golden project has... been pushed back from its initial September date.

The delay is likely due to overwhelming orders for the E-Ink watch. As explained on Pebble’s Kickstarter page, the team initially only expe...


The maker of Pebble smartwatch is on a mission to secure as much funding as the start-up company possibly can on Kickstarter. With such an overwhelming support shown by backers and future owners,... it seems very likely that those who have pre-ordered Pebble will get the e-ink watch on time in September. And what’s even better is that the Pebble Smartwatch will now come with Bluetooth 4.0.



In a world where start-up companies seem to be the stuff of dreams, it’s refreshing to see one company absolutely take off like a rocketship, and rally support from both investors, potential... consumers, and app developers alike. With many never seeing their idea make it to the drawing board, let alone the production stage, Pebble’s Smartwatch is a product that appears to be, for all in...


Taking on the fitness accessories big guns like Nike+ and Timex, Motorola released its Android-based exercise monitoring watch, Moto ACTV, last year. If the constant updates the company has... been providing since its availability serve as any indication, we’re inclined to believe that the niche device has been well received by gym bunnies and OCD steroid tech-buffs alike. Get it? Good...