NVIDIA CEO Believes Android Will Reign Supreme Over Apple

by 3 years ago

According to NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, the new wave of Android tablets is going to rock the world. Indeed, it’s true! Here’s more. Most recently, he told Reuters Technology Summit in New York last Monday that tablets using Google’s Android platform could overtake Apple Inc’s red-hot iPad within three years as improved versions and more applications hit the market. He added that these new versions of Android, most especially Honeycomb, will beat the iPad as developers make more games and other software to use on them. Jen-Hsun Huang even said, “The Android phone took only two and a half years…

iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy SII

by 3 years ago

[Update - Be sure to checkout the iPhone 4s vs Galaxy S2 mobile comparison ] Samsung has just launched its flagship smartphone in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy S II (2) (GT I9100). With MWC 2011 finally over, we can now all have fresh perspective on the best  devices slated to be released into the hands of smartphone lovers worldwide in 2011. First off, the Samsung Galaxy S II is seriously impressive. The big question, of course, is just how amazing is it, and, for that, we’re going to need to compare it to arguably one of the best non-Android…

Top Reasons Why Android Honeycomb Tablets Could Dethrone the Ipad

by 3 years ago

Yeah sure, the Ipad is the best-selling tablet in the world. Sure, it’s pretty good. We clap our hands in honor of Apple, for showing the world that tablets are indeed a viable computing platform. Now, it’s time for some serious tablet temptation talk. We have gone on to list the top reasons why the Motorola Xoom, and other similarly spec’ed Android Honeycomb Tablets could dethrone Apple’s most compelling Tablet offerings in 2011. Here are the top reasons why Android-powered tablets will dethrone the Apple iPad: 1. Multitasking: Apple’s iOS doesn’t truly multitask. The Ipad is incapable of truly running more than…