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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Google Play Weekly

by: Joe HindyJuly 11, 2014
In this week's Google Play Weekly we talk about the confirmation of Xposed coming to Android, Leo's Fortune, Modern Combat 5, and more Android apps news!
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Minecraft Pocket Edition updated with infinite worlds, new biomes, and more

by: Rob TriggsJuly 11, 2014
Mojang has released a substantial update for the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, adding in new biomes, mobs, items, and allowing explorers to wander endlessly in an infinite world.
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Leo’s Fortune is out now on Android and it’s a thing of beauty

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 10, 2014
Leo’s Fortune, a clever, beautiful platformer that won an Apple design award at the WWDC conference this year, is now available on Android.
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11 best simulation games for Android

by: Joe HindyJuly 10, 2014

Simulation games are popular the world over. They let people take control of a situation and run with it in the way that they want to and a lot of people garner enjoyment out of a platform that lets them do that. Believe it or not, Android actually has quite a few simulation games available and many of them are pretty good. Here are our choices for the best ones!

Farmville 2: Country Escape

[Price: Free with in app purchases] It's like regular Farmville but smaller. PROS Surprisingly good graphics and game play.There is a lot to do pretty much all the time.Integrated with the web version for those who play that.Zynga has been surprisingly resopnsive about people's [...]

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Inside Job – Indie app of the day

by: Joe HindyJuly 9, 2014
Today's indie app of the day is called Inside Job. In this top-down maze game, you must set your own traps and then try to thwart them! Check it out.
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Bluest – Indie app of the day

by: Joe HindyJuly 2, 2014
Today's indie app of the day is Bluest. In this Sonic-meets-Megaman-but-with-karate title, you use a unique control scheme to kill a bunch of bad guys.
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3D MMO Celtic Heroes – Indie app of the day

by: Joe HindyJuly 1, 2014
Today's indie app of the day is Celtic Heroes, an MMO with good graphics and a lot of game play. It's free to play and you don't want to miss it!
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8 best new Android apps released in June 2014

by: Joe HindyJune 30, 2014
We're getting ready to hit July and that means it's time to recap the best Android apps released in June 2014. Check it out!
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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Google Play Weekly

by: Joe HindyJune 20, 2014
Join us this week as we talk about new Samsung and Nokia launchers, CyanogenMod, AOSP Email getting released, and 5 more Android apps you shouldn't miss!
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ReactionLab – Indie app of the day

by: Joe HindyJune 17, 2014
Today's indie app of the day is called ReactionLab. If Bill Nye the Science Guy and Mario Paint had a kid, it would probably be called ReactionLab. Check it out!
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