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Using shared element transitions in activities and fragments

by: Obaro OgboAugust 7, 2015
We discuss how to use shared element transitions in both Activities and Fragments. The article covers both static and dynamically generated Views.
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Using the Android Percent Support Library

by: Barry BurdAugust 3, 2015
Android’s standard layouts can be confusing. When one attribute interacts with another attribute, you can get some surprising results. So it helps to have attributes with intuitive meanings, such as layout_widthPercent in the new Percent Support Library.

Making an app with no programming experience: what are your options?

by: Obaro OgboJuly 31, 2015
Ever toyed with the idea of building your own mobile phone app? We discuss the options available today to build an app with no programming experience.
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How to get Location address in an Android app

by: Obaro OgboJuly 28, 2015
Learn how to use the Geocoder class to get location address details, using either the address name, or the latitude/longitude values.
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Top rookie Android developer mistakes

by: Obaro OgboJuly 23, 2015
Android is an exciting platform to develop for. Here, we discuss some of the most common mistakes made by both the experienced and rookie android developer.
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Using the ThingSpeak API to track a device’s location

by: Obaro OgboJuly 22, 2015
A developer tutorial on using the Thingspeak API to track the location of an android device. It covers both updates and retrieval of data.

Google acquires Pixate – mobile app prototyping platform now free

by: Edgar CervantesJuly 21, 2015
Google's latest acquisition has just been announced and developers will be especially fond of it. The Search Giant is now welcoming the Pixate crew.
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Deal: Learn to build apps with the Infinite Skills Android Developer Course for 80% off

by: AA DealsJuly 10, 2015
Right now, you can purchase the Infinite Skills Android Developer Course for only $19 in the Android Authority Deals Store, which is 80% off the suggested retail value!
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