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Exciting news this week in the world of Android. The shroud of mystery lifted off the Galaxy Note 4, NVIDIA gave us a peek at its 64-bit chip, Samsung finally launched a metal phone, Google pushed a few sweet updates, and we finally got a release date for the Moto X+1 and the Moto 360!

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Things are picking up again in the Android universe. This week brought us details on hot new devices coming this fall, from the Galaxy Alpha and the Note 4, to the highly-anticipated Nexus tablet from HTC. LG leaked its own G3 Stylus, we learned more about Motorola’s plans, and Update Wednesday brought cool new features to Google’s apps. Check it out!

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Fellow Android aficionados, this week might not have seen much in the way of new hardware announcements but there were actually a number of interesting happenings, nonetheless. Join us as we take a look back!

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Fellow tech fans, this fine summer week brought us plenty to talk about around our virtual water cooler, from the demise of Microsoft’s Android devices, to rumors of Samsung’s Next Big Thing, to new devices, and hints of what’s to come from the likes of HTC and Nvidia. At Android Authority HQ, we rolled out a new navigation menu and laid the groundwork for further integration between the website and the community, with more cool stuff going on behind the scenes. Let’s take a look back!

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The technology world never sleeps, and it definitely doesn’t take any vacation time either. So, while we’re in the midst of summer here in the northern hemisphere, there was still plenty to talk about in the Android world, with cool updates from Google, a nice treat for Chromecasts users, new devices, juicy rumors, and more. Yes, AA HQ was relatively quiet this week, but it wasn’t because we were all busy watching the World Cup, we promise. Let’s take a look back!