Asus Hoping to Be the First Manufacturer to Offer Jelly Bean Devices

by 2 years ago

Out with the stale Ice Cream Sandwich and in with the fresh Jelly Bean! Although we haven’t even seen a proper rollout of Android 4.0 ICS, companies are already courting Google to get Jelly Bean in high-priority. Asus has publicly announced that it wants to be the first company to be offering devices running Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. Speaking with TechRadar, Asus exec Benson Lin said that, considering the close relationship that Asus has with Google, there’s “a high possibility that we [Asus] will be the first wave to offer the Jelly Bean update.” Queuing outside Google’s door is another Taiwan-based company,…

Is Google Working with Asus on the Next-Gen Android 5.0 Transformer?

by 2 years ago

Asus has just said that its close partnership with Google will lead it to become the first company to come out with “Android 5.0 JellyBean”, most likely with a tablet. In my opinion this makes almost perfect sense, and I’m glad that it’s happening. Why “almost”? Because I’d also want this tablet to have a Cortex A15 chip inside it. But going by the rumors, Samsung might be the only company with a Cortex A15 chip out this year, and certainly the only one by the end of summer, because I believe we’ll see the first Cortex A15 device by…

Ubuntu on Android and How it Will Change the Landscape of Computing

by 2 years ago

Next week, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Canonical will show the world Ubuntu on Android, its next move in the strategy to expand the reach of Ubuntu Linux across multiple devices. The Ubuntu on Android project aims to unleash the computing power of modern smartphones, by enabling them to act as fully-fledged PCs. Just think about it. Any Tegra 2 device has enough brainpower to compete successfully with older laptops. And the upcoming quad-core chips will put even more computing oomph right into your pocket. So why not take advantage of your Android device and use it as a…

Is Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Set to Receive Webtop Dock Functionality?

by 2 years ago

The last time we talked about the upcoming Android 5.0, we had received reports that speculated that Jelly Bean is supposed be released in the second quarter of the year, which is difficult to believe. As the days passed, we got to learn more information about this new iteration of Android. Rumors now suggest that Android 5.0 Jellybean is to gain a few elements of the Chrome OS so that it can be optimized for tablets. This, in turn, has led many to speculate that it will be dual-bootable with Windows 8. Today, we have learned something else about Android…

Place Your Wagers: Android 5.0 Jelly Bean in Second Quarter of 2012?

by 2 years ago

The well-connected guys at Digitimes feed the mill once more with a rumor that slates the next iteration of Android for the second quarter of 2012. According to their sources in the bustling Taiwanese manufacturing sector, Google plans to move fast with Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, driven by the relatively slow adoption of Ice Cream Sandwich, but also by the looming launch of Windows 8. The news snippet is scarce in details, but a couple of important things pop out. One, Google is likely to specifically push Jelly Bean for tablet devices. Two, the guys in Mountain View would love…